What CBeebies Land Taught Me About Interiors


Not long before Christmas, December in fact, we took a weekend away with my husband’s family. We had my little girl in tow, and her best friend/partner in crime/cousin for a Santa’s Sleepover event at Alton Towers Resort. I’ve not been to the hotel before, but our trip included a stayover, food, pantomime, swimming park, and access to the open theme parks – on this

Budapest’s Love Affair With Yellow

Budapest Yellow

Happy New Year you beautiful lot. As it’s normally a little gloomy returning to work at this time of year, I thought I’d kick off 2017 by spreading a little joy. Back in November, I travelled to Budapest. Just for a few days, but it was enough to reignite my love for travel – one I’d supressed for a long time whilst we paid for

A 2016 Highlight Reel: Colourful Interiors, Euro Trips & Blogger Besties


Well 2016 was a bit eventful wasn’t it? For me, it’s been a busy one! Lots of work, lots of blogging, lots of family adventures, and making more of an effort to attend events and travel. In a nutshell, it’s been brilliant. Busy is just the way I like it. Thanks to opening myself up to saying ‘yes’ to a lot more, I’ve met some

7 Subscription Boxes For Interiors Geeks

interiors subscription box

Do you have a friend who is always dragging you around the homeware stores “just to have a look”? Well, I’m afraid I’m one of those – GUILTY AS CHARGED. And I know how hard we can be to buy for, not just at Christmas, but all year around. However, I’ve done a bit of shopping around and decided that there is plenty out there

UK Blog Hop: Our Festive Felt Family Christmas

kitsch christmas

If you’re new around these parts and arriving from Ana Mum Diary, HELLO. You’re very welcome here. Grab a cuppa and expect lots of chatter and mish-mash decorating attempts. Let me start by telling you how proud I am to be a part of this group of 20+ interiors bloggers – the first of its kind over here in the UK and organised by one

How to DIY a Marble Window Sill

DIY marble window sill

With Luna’s birthday as well as Christmas approaching, Joe and I woke up one day and decided that our hallway was a bit scruffy looking and needed a refresh. I say refresh, but what I mean is we’ve practically redecorated it. I’ll be doing a full blog post on this soon but one feature that’s done and making me smile each day is our marble

Our Quirky Airbnb in Budapest


If you follow me on any form of social media, you’ve probably heard me wangin’ on about Budapest as of late. #SorryNotSorry You see, in the almost 11 years that Joe and I have been an item, we’ve not had all that many holidays – two in fact, with one being our honeymoon. What with renovating, wedding planning and Luna’s arrival, it’s just never quite

7 Statement Marbles for Maximalists

statement marble

I remember about 3 or 4 years ago, just as we were shopping for worktops as part of our kitchen renovation, I read in the newspaper (yup, an actual physical paper) that marble was making a comeback. It feels a bit weird saying that because it’s so widespread on the high street now – and if I’m being totally honest I’m not sure it’s “come

How to Treat Decking Timber: The Greyscale Edition

Grey decking

Two years ago, Joe built garden decking from scratch at the back of our house. This Autumn, the wood needed treating and we decided to ditch the lighter wood look. I’m not completely au fait with the likes of bulding products – it’s really more Joe’s area. But I’ll share what I can and if you have any questions you let me know in the

Wallpaper Wonderlust with Graham & Brown

how is wallpaper made?

Earlier this Autumn, I was invited to take a VIP tour of the Graham & Brown offices as International Wallpaper Week approached – a little behind the scenes excursion learning all about how wallpaper is designed and printed. As a self-proclaimed interiors geek, I couldn’t very well say no, could I? Probably why I ended up taking about 300 pictures. Oops…Fancy taking a sneak peak?