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Do you accept guest posts?

No. Thank you for your interest in my site and offering content but this is not something I participate in, and have no plans to do so in the future. This blog is first and foremost a documentation of my renovating and decorating experiences. I want to ensure that the voice remains consistent and so I never accept content which isn’t created by myself.

Would you be interested in hosting our infographic?

No. I’m sorry but this is not something I host on my site. If you think that you have something which really may interest me, you will be more likely to get a quicker response from me on Twitter.

Do you accept advertising or work with brands?

Yes. I am open to collaborating with brands. What’s really important to me is that your company is relevant to my site and my readers. My focus here is predominantly on decorating – usually on a budget – and discovering what interiors trends work for my home, so if you work in the DIY or home decor industry, I’d be happy to hear what ideas you have in mind on how we could work together – whether this be through advertising, giveaways, product reviews – drop me an e-mail and let’s talk!

Why haven’t you replied to my e-mail?

Please remember, this site is a passion of mine, but ultimately I have a full time job as a marketing professional and as such, am not always able to respond immediately. However, I do my absolute best to reply to every single e-mail that I receive in a timely manner I also have a full-time job, and as of November 2014 am on maternity leave, so please be patient. I apologise that I can’t get back to everyone as soon as they’d like, but I promise I do reply to you all as I think this is only good manners. In return, I do however ask for the same. I feel sad having to say this, but I will simply not reply should I receive abusive or commanding e-mails. If you think I may have missed your e-mail (sometimes my junk box may catch you!) please feel free to tweet me and give me a nudge.