Memories to treasure


It has become the norm for Joe and I to receive house-related items for our birthdays and for Christmas these days. I love it! Last year we got a carpet and for Joe’s birthday just gone, he got a bathroom mirror – something we’ve been searching for for too long. To most I understand this sounds a bit sad, but once you’ve become accustomed to

Why you shouldn’t bother with national wedding fairs

Wedding fayre

Since becoming engaged I have been absolutely bombarded with wedding spam. I’ve had friends and family throwing recommendations at me (this isn’t a bad thing – it’s been super helpful) and even all of my Facebook adverts are in reference to “vintage weddings” – although I’ve never specified that is something I’d like. But clearly I’m a target for big money. One thing I struggled

6 months to go

Wedding cupcake

It’s coming around quicker than I thought it would but we’re now counting down the final 6 months to the wedding. Eek! The last wedding update I did was at 8 months to go. Here is what we have done since then: Weddings rings We bought the wedding rings in August. Mine only took a week to come in, but as my finger size isn’t

Wishlist Wednesday: A lime green wedding

Lime Green wedding

Our invites have started going out now so there’s no disguising that our colour scheme for the wedding is lime green, black and white. It took us ages to decide on a colour scheme (what a surprise, we were indecisive about something!) but now that we’ve picked, I can’t stop looking at pretty lime green wedding pictures online. (Most of them I found on Pinterest.

8 months to go…

Wedding decoration

So the wedding is technically less than 8 months away now. AAAAAAAHHHHH! Or I supposed you could say it’s about 237 days away. Or 33-ish weeks. Or 341,920 minutes. Or 20,476,280 seconds. But who’s counting? Since we booked the venue in July, wedding plans have really started to move along. We’ve only been engaged 3 and a half months but it feels like the idea

Wishlist Wednesday – Corking wedding memories

cork wedding

How many bottles of wine have a cork these days? I recently discovered these cork place cards on my internet wedding travels, and thought it was absolutely adorable. (Click the image to see how the bride made them.) However, we already have our place card stuff ordered and ready for making nearer to the big day – oh yes, I’m getting organised! Not to mention, I don’t

5 things the magazines don’t tell you about wedding dress shopping


This weekend was so amazing. I bought my wedding dress! It’s true what people say. When you see ‘the dress’ you will know it’s the one for your big day. However, I found the whole experience a little different than I expected… 1. Book well in advance I know that most stores ‘recommend’ appointments, but holy potatoes, I really struggled to get any appointments at

Nine months to go…

Queen's Hotel

No, I’m not pregnant. Have I put on weight or something? Everyone keeps asking me this! Joe and I are getting married in April 2013. We’ve been engaged three months now and will be married in nine. AHHHHHHHH!!! I know that originally we were going to set the date for 2014 to allow for more savings, but it turns out, things change. Joe and I

Wishlist Wednesday – A wedding that’s ‘us’

I haven’t done a wedding-related Wishlist Wednesday yet, but as we’re gearing up to view some potential venues in the next few weeks, I think it’s about time I did! I’ve been looking for inspiration since we became engaged. What type of wedding do we want? Should we have a theme? What colours do we like? What kind of dress will suit my figure? Honestly,

The wedding, the honeymoon and the ring


So, weddings are hard aren’t they? Still in our blissful “just engaged” haze, Joe and I have been doing lots of research to see what we’re into, what’s “us” and where we want to get married (I’m told that venue is key and then the rest comes later – I’m slowly but surely learning!). The thing is, in reality the wedding isn’t going to happen