The Quest To Find 3 Black Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid Coast Savannah Maxi Dress

I think of all the tasks of the wedding, this was my most stressful. Hands down. It was absolutely nothing to do with my bridesmaids – they’ve all been so supportive. I think no-one will mind me saying that we’re all short-arses. The tallest of us (and yes I include myself here being a bit of a stumpy one) is Amy, my sister and maid-of-honour at a

The Little Book of Wedding Etiquette

Wedding etiquette

When we got engaged, Joe’s parents gave us a book to have a flick through. It was “Wedding Etiquette” by Margot Lawrence. It’s what they used as guidance during their own wedding plans – 35 years ago! I absolutely love it. One thing that’s been lovely about being a bride-to-be (and I’m conscious that this time is coming to an end!) is all the lovely

1 month to go!

Civil ceremony

I can’t believe this time has come. It’s officially one month to go until the wedding. I still feel like I have SO much to do, although in reality it’s just confirming various details, attending our final meeting with the venue, and doing a few bits of crafty DIY decorations – I’m going to blog about all of this eventually, but I’ll do it after

Tasting the Wedding Menu

Wedding menu taster

Back in January, we went to our wedding venue, Rookery Hall, to taste our menu. (I’m going to call it ‘wedding menu’ because the term ‘wedding breakfast’ still utterly confuses me – we’re eating at 4pm, how is that breakfast?) It was included within the package that Joe and I would get this for free but we thought it’d be a really nice occasion to

Our wedding gift list

John Lewis wedding gift list

It’s interesting how many people have given us the opportunity to ask for presents on a whim, simply because we are getting married. I find the whole situation completely bizarre, and if I’m honest, a bit awkward. However, I’ve been told many-a-time to just shut up and take the gifts! So I will. On our wedding invitations, Joe and I let everyone know where we have registered

The First Dance

First dance wedding

There is something about the first dance that terrifies me. The thought of dancing in front of others isn’t an issue. I do like a good boogie now and then. However, having everyone I love and care about – whether it’s my close family, old friends, work colleagues – watch me stare at me whilst I dance with my newly-acquired husband makes me a little nervous to say

Wedding Nails: My Inspiration

Wedding nails

One thing I’m really excited for in terms of getting ready to be a married lady, is having my nails done…that could be the girliest thing I’ve ever declared. The 10-year-old nail-biting tomboy version of me would be disgusted. I haven’t had my nails done in about a year so I’m super excited to just sit back before everything gets manic and get pampered alongside

Wedding skincare & a call to beauty bloggers

Liz Earle moisturiser

This isn’t, nor will this ever be a beauty blog. However, I do enjoy reading a few of them from time-to-time, and when i do get those rare occasions to sit down with a biscuit and catch up with the world, I am constantly recommended the Liz Earle’s skincare range through these channels. I’m quite fortunate in the sense that I’ve never had acne, and only occasionally get

Suit up!

Joe's suits

This post has been a long time coming. We went to order Joe’s wedding suit in….October! We had visited a few local wedding shows and picked up price lists from various suppliers around the North West up until this point, and we narrowed it down to two suit shops that we really wanted to visit. We took along Joe’s dad, Peter, as well as Joe’s

Cuba, here we come!

Varadero Cuba

Last night, we made the final payment for our honeymoon, with a whopping 3 days to spare. Hooray! I wanted to mark this momentous occasion on here because the last time Joe and I went on a couple’s holiday was…2007! I just cannot control my excitement. So, in about 100 days (definitely not counting down) we’ll be jetting off to this little slice of paradise