We won Wedding of the Year 2013!


Today marks mine and Joe’s first wedding anniversary. We made it! High fives all around 🙂 I can’t quite believe it’s been an entire year. It really does only feel like yesterday when I was having my hair carefully put into curls and anxiously peeking out of my suite’s window to see if Joe and his groomsmen had arrived yet. Apart from being a simply

Bargain Wedding Album from Photobox

Photobox wedding album

I know I’ve blogged our wedding to death a bit now but I just wanted to share this as well (I’ve gone this far, why stop now?). Our wedding album finally arrived last week woohoo! I’m just so so pleased with it. If you’re lucky enough to have access to all of your wedding pictures and not just a select few like most packages, I’d

Jurassic Heart: Why we chose dinosaurs as our wedding theme

Dinosaur Wedding

We were asked over and over again why we chose dinosaurs as our wedding theme. And I’ll begin answering that question by saying, why on Earth not eh? There is just something about dinosaurs that Joe and I have always liked. It really is that simple. After hinting for months that we should go and see ‘Stan’ the T-Rex on display at Manchester Museum one

Rookery Hall Wedding Venue Review

Rookery Hall Wedding Review

Most of you reading this will know that Joe and I were married at Rookery Hall in April, and I genuinely don’t think we could have picked a better wedding venue. The staff were amazing, the grounds looked beautiful, and generally it was exactly what we were looking for. After being asked for feedback, I was happy to  write a review for their website, and

My DIY Dino Wedding: Wedding Invitations

DIY Pocketfold Wedding Invitation

Wedding invitations are expensive. From the absolute beginning, Joe and I knew we wanted to make our own. We had seen lots of designs we loved, in magazines, on forums and at wedding shows, but as usual, it turns out we have expensive taste. We wanted pocketfold invitations which on average were a fiver each, which would put our invites bill into hundreds of pounds,

You’ve Got Mail: Saying Thank You!

Wedding thank you

Weddings really bring out the best in people, I think. One thing we found after ours was how incredibly generous and thoughtful all of our family and friends are. Of course, we were always going to write Thank You cards after the day had been and gone. Manners don’t cost a thing after all, as my mum says! (Although stamps don’t come cheap these days!)

#CloughWedding: Why I hashtagged my special day

Polaroid wedding photograph

Let’s face it. Whether you like it or not, some of your guests are going to put pictures of your wedding on Facebook -or whatever social network they’re buzzing over at the time. Unless you have a strict no-phones policy, I can’t see how you’d avoid it. Luckily, I have no problems whatsoever with people uploading images of our wedding and sharing the fact that

Our wedding: A Groom’s Point Of View

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This is a blog post written, not by me, but from the one I always talk about on here – Joe! He wanted to have his say on the wedding day and share with you his favourite bits about the day, with a few tips for other grooms. It’s longer than my normal posts, but I hope you enjoy this really sweet and heartfelt post

We’re married!


We did it! On 12th April 2013, Joe and I got married. It was AMAZING! Many many blog posts will follow in the near future when we have all the pictures gathered together but for now I’ll leave you with this sneak preview 🙂