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Dinosaur Wedding

Something happened a few months ago. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it yet (please use your sarcasm detectors now) but I got married in April! Just in case it slipped by you, Joe and I had a beautiful Spring wedding (complete with the typical April showers) with a slight twist thanks to a dinosaur theme. You can read all about it by clicking on

Bathroom, meet Cabinet.

Dinosaur wedding wrapping

Bathroom, I’d like to introduce you to someone very special: your brand new cabinet. I know you’ve waited a long time for this to join your little family, but it’s finally here! Wait a minute. What am I doing? Writing a letter to our bathroom? Back to reality I think. One of our wedding presents, out of those which are house-related, has alreaady been put into action!

Karen’s Unofficial Wedding Vows

Unofficial wedding vow

A while ago, I saw a blog post over on Bride Baby Bride which discussed  the ‘unofficial vows’ of a marriage. They are not necessarily the things you would say in front of everyone at the ceremony, but they’re the daily dedications that keep you going through the years….so I’m told 🙂 So I had a quick think. What would I offer Joe? And what

Review: Save The Date range by Paper Themes

Paper Theme Save The Date

This month, I’ve been offered the opportunity to share my thoughts on a Save The Date range by Paper Themes. Save The Dates is something I actually did a ton of research on last May after becoming engaged, but never followed through with. Mostly because we had made certain decisions (no children and a mid-week wedding) which meant that we felt it was better for

Mourning the Maiden Name

Miss to Mrs

I sometimes forget that my surname will be changing really soon and I must admit, I will miss my current name. It’s something that I don’t think is written about all that often because brides are so unbelievably and over-the-top excited about becoming Mrs…Whatever. And don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly one of them. But I do think it’s a little sad that most brides

Why you shouldn’t bother with national wedding fairs

Wedding fayre

Since becoming engaged I have been absolutely bombarded with wedding spam. I’ve had friends and family throwing recommendations at me (this isn’t a bad thing – it’s been super helpful) and even all of my Facebook adverts are in reference to “vintage weddings” – although I’ve never specified that is something I’d like. But clearly I’m a target for big money. One thing I struggled

Wishlist Wednesday: A lime green wedding

Lime Green wedding

Our invites have started going out now so there’s no disguising that our colour scheme for the wedding is lime green, black and white. It took us ages to decide on a colour scheme (what a surprise, we were indecisive about something!) but now that we’ve picked, I can’t stop looking at pretty lime green wedding pictures online. (Most of them I found on Pinterest.

5 things the magazines don’t tell you about wedding dress shopping


This weekend was so amazing. I bought my wedding dress! It’s true what people say. When you see ‘the dress’ you will know it’s the one for your big day. However, I found the whole experience a little different than I expected… 1. Book well in advance I know that most stores ‘recommend’ appointments, but holy potatoes, I really struggled to get any appointments at

Wishlist Wednesday – Meteorite wedding rings

Waynes world

Wedding rings. I suppose for most couples planning on getting hitched, this is a relatively last minute decision when all the major bookings are done and dusted. But, as we have a long wait until our big day (aproximately 1 year, 8 months if you’re wondering – we’ll let you know when we officially set a date!) we’ve been taking a peek at the more

Wishlist Wednesday – A wedding that’s ‘us’

I haven’t done a wedding-related Wishlist Wednesday yet, but as we’re gearing up to view some potential venues in the next few weeks, I think it’s about time I did! I’ve been looking for inspiration since we became engaged. What type of wedding do we want? Should we have a theme? What colours do we like? What kind of dress will suit my figure? Honestly,