Building Ferret Mansion: Part 2

DIY ferret hutch 23

Hey everyone! So this is part 2 of how we made a custom-built home for our ferrets. I know this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, so if you’re here for interiors-related stuff, I’ll be back in a few days with a lounge makeover, an update on our master bedroom revamp and some tropical additions to our garden! However if you want to nosey at

Building Ferret Mansion: Part 1

DIY ferret hutch 01

Hey everyone! So here is a project which is long overdue on this blog. Last summer, Joe created from scratch a purpose-built home for our pets. It’s absolutely humongous and completely amazes me. We’ve continued to make changes since then but I think now it’s fit for sharing. If you’ve ever thought about building a shed or constructing an outside structure for any reason, I

Seeing a renovated house through the eyes of your pets

ferret playtime 04

It is no secret that I’m a lover of animals. I regard our 2 rescued ferrets – Scrabble and Bramble – as family members. Read into that what you will, but when they went missing in late January, I’ve never felt such a fierce maternal instinct gush over me, and the need to find them and bring them home became my absolute priority. When I

Our Zoo

fox 02

There’s always been a bit of a running joke between Joe and I, that one day we will live in a zoo. To an extent, I think we’re already there. I love animals. Going to a pet store is dangerous for me because it’s a struggle not to bring someone home (although you should rescue animals – don’t buy them!). Some of you may remember

The Week Our House Took A Back Seat

bramble 01

Whilst I’ve been saying for weeks now that I have so many updates coming on the house (and really I do – got about 30 drafts on the go. It’s getting silly now…) I have been delayed this past week. I also, from being so busy, didn’t write this at once. I wasn’t sure if I was going to publish it either. I just felt

Introducing our new fuzzy friends


Joe and I are animal lovers. Alongside the obvious ways of making this house a home – mostly through destruction so far, but one day I’ll get around to blogging about actual decorating  – I also think that pets really make home a better place to be. When we moved in together, in a lovely little flat almost 4 years ago, we bought 3 pet

Prepping for BBQ Season With a Bargain Bench

Garden Bench

Not long ago I won a B&Q voucher from a Zoopla competition and I gave Joe free reign of what to spend it on. He’s been itching to do more work in the garden after all. Whilst I was away for the weekend in London, he went and bagged himself a bargain bench and on that particularly sunny day, he assembled it with a guest

Where’s Pebbles?

Pebbles cat

I’ve been so pre-occupied with wedding planning lately that it’s been ages since I posted a Where’s Pebbles? post. For those who are new around here (hello!) Pebbles is our neighbour’s cat but she pretty much lives with us. She is the friendliest cuddliest cat I’ve ever known and she had a tendency to pop up in the most bizarre of places. Here’s a few of her

RIP my little furball – take 3


On Saturday the last of our rats passed away. We knew it was coming, but we didn’t expect it quite so soon. The other 2 had died in the past two months because they were ill but Luxor was fit as a fiddle. We had read that rats can become depressed when they are left alone so we tried to give her extra attention and

Where’s Pebbles?

I’m thinking about creating a book called Where’s Pebbles? – It will be just like Where’s Wally? but a bazillion times easier. Let me explain why. I’ve previously spoken about the neighbour’s cat that just wanders into our house and makes herself at home. We don’t mind it at all! She’s good company and all she wants is a cuddle. But from time to time, I