Primark Homeware Haul: Tropical, Luxe & Kids

Primark Homeware Haul

Hello you lovely bunch of coconuts. So recently I took a trip to Primark – not unusual for me. It’s near to where I work and I needed to pick up a few cheap bits of clothes for Luna. On this occasion, I made the mistake of walking past the homeware section and for the first time, I became one of those people who came

Summer Favourites Homeware Haul

how to find quirky high street interiors

I don’t buy much for the house really in the grand scheme of things. I want to. Trust me. That’s why I started my Add To Basket feature on this blog, because I window shop A LOT. So when I do go out and buy homeware, it’s because I just can’t NOT have it. I’ve done a few haul posts before and got some requests

A ‘Winter Favourites’ Interiors Haul

copper dishes 02

It’s the first day of Spring! Daylight savings is upon us next week, and although I’m excited for the sunnier evenings, and the evenings have been so lovely and light lately, I’m always sad to “officially” see the back of Winter. I’m such a scarf and hat kinda gal! So before it’s officially declared bikini & BBQ weather, here are a few of my favourite

A Homeware Birthday Haul

succulent john lewis 01

It was my birthday two weeks ago and the cards have since come down. Nooooo. I don’t know whether it’s an age thing or the fact that we bought our home in our mid-20s, but the past few birthdays I’ve been so lucky to get presents which are just perfect for making this house into a home. One year we got a carpet for the

Country Baskets Haul: Vases, Faux Flowers & Geometric Cushions

Homeware haul 04

Party season is here in the Clough household! We have a lot of family birthdays on the run up to Christmas and this year we’ve got 2 more parties added to the roster, both to be hosted by me – one for my sister’s baby shower, and the other for my daughter’s first birthday. Ahhhh, babies babies everywhere! When I need party stuff, I head