Llama Trekking in Yorkshire (& Vlog!)

llama trekking nidderdale farms

“What are you up to this weekend, Karen?” “Me and my husband are having a weekend away. Getting a babysitter and off to walk a llama.” “Sorry, what?” Yeah so that was pretty much how most of my conversations went earlier this month. You see, for my birthday last year I asked to go llama trekking! My in-laws treated me to just that, but it’s

Manchester on Insta: WALLS

Manchester Instagram

Manchester street art has long been admired, as has our mish-mash of architectural styles, and that twinkle of colour around every corner in the concrete jungle. It’s what I love about this city that I’m proud to call mine. You only have to take a look at my Instagram to know that, or the Manchester Instagram community in general. The truth is, I’m a big believer that negativity

Afternoon Tea at Wedgwood

afternoon tea at wedgwood

Who doesn’t love a good afternoon tea? Whilst I’m not a traditional tea drinker (I know, I’m a rubbish Brit), I do like flavoured teas. And cake. Boy, do I like cake. I recently took my bestie to the World of Wedgwood for this very reason – and because it was her birthday. Fancy a sneak peak at how we spent the day? For those

Wallpaper Wonderlust with Graham & Brown

how is wallpaper made?

Earlier this Autumn, I was invited to take a VIP tour of the Graham & Brown offices as International Wallpaper Week approached – a little behind the scenes excursion learning all about how wallpaper is designed and printed. As a self-proclaimed interiors geek, I couldn’t very well say no, could I? Probably why I ended up taking about 300 pictures. Oops…Fancy taking a sneak peak?

In The Kitchen with GBBO Legend, John Whaite

John Whaite Cookery School

Cake? Mulled wine? Great British Bake Off Alumni? Kitchen Design? Did I mention cake? Let’s face it, I couldn’t resist when an invite from AO.com landed in my inbox to join a baking class at John Whaite’s new cookery school. For Bake Off enthusiasts, you might remember John from Series 3 (he won, hoorah!) and upon arriving to a hot mug of specially brewed mulled

A Clay Day at Denby Pottery Village

Denby Pottery Village

I suppose it’s difficult for the average consumer to have a terribly specific opinion of a pottery brand if it just happens to be something you see on the high street from time to time. But saying that, after a recent trip to the Denby Pottery Village in Derbyshire, my views have changed. Let’s put it this way, if I ever break another mug (because

Picking Pumpkins at Kenyon Hall Farm

Pumpkin Picking

Whoever said Sunday mornings were easy clearly didn’t have a toddler at the time. Luna is going through such an exciting stage at the moment. She sees the world through wanderlust; everything needs to be explored, seen, tasted, touched. And so, most of our weekends are spend in the great outdoors being active and seeking out adventure. Today our adventure took us to Kenyon Hall

A Tour of Manchester’s Abandoned London Road Fire Station

London Road Fire Station Manchester

Calling all architecture nerds! Today I’m sharing with you a tour of the absolutely beautiful London Road Fire Station in Manchester. So often, I’m guilty of walking past the most incredible buildings on my commute to work but not really seeing them. It’s really only in the last few months that I’ve been stopping and snapping, when I’ve taken the time to look up at my

How Pokemon Go helped me fall in love with Manchester all over again


This week marks a month of me playing Pokemon Go. Now, I know this topic is a little different than my usual interiors binging, and yes I’m almost 30 and a self-confessed addict to the game which may make you think differently of me, but hear me out for a minute. Pokemon Go is one of the greatest ways to add positivity to your life.

Taking Back The Summer & Discovering Domu

Domu Homeware

Finally Summer has arrived!  Sure, it’s muggy, and we’re expecting a thunderstorm any minute now, but it’s most certainly the most tropical it’s felt all year. Speaking of which, on one particularly nondescript Wednesday evening in June, I was invited to a #TakeBackTheSummer event hosted by the brand, Domu. Always up for a catchup with some of the North’s finest bloggers, I popped my brolly in