The Honest House Tour: The Lounge

Lounge Tour

Hi everyone. Thanks so much for all of your lovely comments on my last honest house tour – if you haven’t seen it yet, see the kitchen tour here. If you’re a first-time visitor to my blog – WELCOME. You’ve arrived at an interesting time. Y’see, we’re moving. In fact, we’ve already accepted an offer. IKNOWRIGHT? Things are moving fast. Nothing is set in stone with

The Ram & The Reading Nook

iconic lights ram 07

When we redesigned our lounge last year, we never anticipated that it would need to accommodate such a little bookworm! The toys, we planned for – we have a toy chest, a huge cabinet, and the classic Kallax unit from Ikea, all of which are used  in a small attempt to keep the room from turning into Toys R Us. But in reality, it’s not

A Lounge Makeover

Blue Lounge 06

It’s finally happened. We’ve made enough progress on our lounge this year that I’m happy to share it with the outside world. In fact, we actually gave it a dramatic change over the Summer – all those months ago! – so you might say we’re fashionably late with this one. The update started a year ago when we were preparing for Luna to be born.

A Living Room Update: Part 3

lounge 02

A few months ago I posted Part 1 and Part 2 of our Living Room Updates. We’d finally covered the horrendous plaster walls with fresh white wallpaper (textured – to cover the imperfections in the plaster), we added coving and re-painted the ceiling. From here this gave us a clean slate to build on, and with only a week or so left until my due

A Living Room Update: Part 2

lounge makeover 05

The skirting and coving have been added and replaced – respectively – and the next stage in this living room makeover includes wallpaper. (Read all about those additions in my Living Room Update: Part 1) Normally, I think I would have opted for paint, with one bold feature wall and my neutral of choice – grey – elsewhere. That’s how I always envisaged our lounge

A Living Room Update: Part 1

coving 05

I remember September 2011 very clearly. We had just bought our house at the tail end of the previous month and it was what a house inspector referred to as a bit of a hazard to live in. Nonsense, we thought. We spent 2 weeks “decorating” it to a standard that we deemed we could cope with, and made ourselves at home. I say decorating,

The Day Our Kitchen Flooded: Part 1

PicMonkey Collage01

Part 1 – What the heck happened? The weekend just gone was a bit of a disaster if I’m honest. After a wonderful Thursday evening spent in a Yorkshire hospital awaiting the arrival of mine and Joe’s niece, Friday morning was a bit of a blur due to the distraction of the cute new addition to the family, as well as a few yawns (it

Do we have enough mirrors from Ikea yet?

Ikea mirror

No. I think that answers the question. No we don’t. But allow me to explain. Last week, Joe sent me a text whilst I was at work saying he had a very expensive present for me waiting in the lounge for when I got home. Obviously giddy as anything thinking I was getting a pug  puppy or something – note to self, this will never

Privacy at last

Although not the most exciting of big projects, last Friday our blinds arrived. For the past six months, Joe & I have been concentrating on getting the lounge and our bedroom finished. After all, these are the rooms we really ‘live‘ in, so it’s nice to have somewhere to escape to when the rest of the house is like a bomb site. Each month, we

Why we are converting to supervised DIY


This weekend, Joe & I thought it would be a great idea to finally get some stuff on the walls of the lounge. Pictures of the family and a canvas that we have. After all, we placed our blinds on order last weekend (blog post to follow on these when they arrive woohoo! No more nosey neighbours looking in on us!) so we thought, why