The Honest House Tour: Kitchen Diner

kitchen tour

So I can’t believe I’m saying this, but our house is on the market. The house that we’ve rebuilt from scratch over 6 incredibly tiring but fun years. It’s not been an easy decision and I’m probably going to burst into tears when we leave, but we do ultimately want something bigger and as many parents tend to do, we’re moving in order to better our

The Kitchen Bar & DIY Wallpapered Shelves

Wallpaper kitchen shelves 04

Whilst I am pretty smitten with our kitchen in general, there is a little area which is so bland I can’t stand it: our shelving units. It’s your bog standard kitchen shelves really, intended for displaying something. ANYTHING. It’s made up of an open shelf bang in the middle of two cupboards with glass doors. The problem is, the only thing we’ve been displaying so far

The Kitchen Feature Wall & A Dining Room Makeover

feature wall 02

You may remember that around this time last year I painted one wall in our kitchen Smalt Blue. Here is what it looked like as a little reminder. It’s the wall which overlooks our dining table and it’s the focal point in that space. I still love the colour SO much but it’s about bloody time we added to it. Ever since that day, in

Joe Does DIY – Installing a Tumble Dryer From Scratch

tumble dryer 09

When you’ve worked long and hard for a kitchen – as we did – it can be a little disheartening to have to alter things only a year after completion. One thing we really neglected when designing ours was a tumble dryer. I never felt the need for one really, but following the birth of Luna, and the enormous amount of additional laundry we’ve got,

The Long Awaited Kitchen Reveal: Before & After

kitchen reveal 07

If there is one blog post that is long overdue, this is it. And let me warn you in advance, there will be a lot of pictures. *Takes a deep breathe* Here we go… For a very long time, I didn’t have much to talk about on this blog except our kitchen. These days we’re getting to a really amazing stage in the progress of

The New Kitchen Floor

kitchen floor 01

We have a kitchen floor! Did I mention that already? I think I did. Many moons ago. But I never got around to blogging it. I feel like a broken record saying that lately. To be honest, ever since we bought the flooring (which you can read about here) we’ve had more junk stored in there whilst other rooms needed the space. This is how

Pantry Refresh: Destroying Concrete & More Dust

pantry 08

Our kitchen, like many others, has a pantry. When we were under construction, this small but invaluable room helped us to get by. On the few shelves within it, we housed the entirety of our kitchen necessities to get through the renovations – plates, glasses, dry food. Apart from one cardboard box used to store pans, everything else was in storage. We really couldn’t have

New Neighbours & More Construction

neighbours 01

Whilst in many ways it feels like a lifetime ago, it really is only in the last 12 months that our house has made its biggest transformation through the kitchen renovation and extension. Whilst we’ve swiftly moved onto other projects – because we have a to-do list longer than I care to acknowledge – there has been no better way to see how far we’ve

The Kitchen Floor Delivery – Now Available on CCTV

discount flooring depot 02

I have spoken really fondly on this blog about an array of companies. I am super happy to talk about them. When I receive good customer experience I want to spread the word. After all, it’s so hard to find good service, and the more people shout about them, the easier it is to find. HOWEVER. I also think it’s only right to talk honestly

50 Shades of Grey: Finding our kitchen colour

Craig Rose Pantry White 03

Okay so we didn’t try 50. But it feels that way sometimes! The floor was about to go in the kitchen at the time. I’m sure you’re sick of hearing about it, and I’m certainly sick of talking about it. Can I just walk on it already? However, there is something I wanted to do before it goes in: paint the walls. I’ve painted our