A brighter and happier welcome home

Paint on floor

Whenever you enter our home, unless you know what to expect already, it can be quite a shock to the system. The poor gal has unfortunately seen better days. Since moving in we have stripped off the wallpaper to see the state of the walls (verdict = need new ones) and we’ve had to expose brick in some areas for central heating to be installed. As

Making a house a home

I love that Joe added to this blog yesterday. I was visiting family at the weekend and was away with work on Monday and Tuesday so I’m really enjoying looking at the pictures Joe took whilst I couldn’t be at the house over those few days (although I did make one or two appearances – I’ve done my bit, I promise!). Although everything still looks

What bank holidays are made of…

I’ve always been aware that bank holidays are big for DIY and getting good deals (HURRY, SALE ENDS MONDAY. GET IT NOW OR DIE A MISERABLE DEATH FROM REGRET). But I’ve never really been a part of that because I’ve always lived with my parents in a finished house, in student accomodation or in a rented apartment. So the past few years, whenever I hear