How to DIY a Marble Window Sill

DIY marble window sill

With Luna’s birthday as well as Christmas approaching, Joe and I woke up one day and decided that our hallway was a bit scruffy looking and needed a refresh. I say refresh, but what I mean is we’ve practically redecorated it. I’ll be doing a full blog post on this soon but one feature that’s done and making me smile each day is our marble

A Quick Hallway Update

hallway 02

This past month, we’ve made a few additions to our beautifully bright hallway. And isn’t it always the little things that make a room shine? In my last update I showed you the paint we chose (Valspar’s Oopsy Daisy is the yellow colour in case you’re wondering) and our monochrome striped carpet on the stairs. They changed the room drastically, but apart from the decorating

A Hallway Makeover

hallway makeover 06

There is something about a hallway which, I feel, pulls an entire home together. Perhaps it’s because it is the first room you’ll normally see when you enter a house, and let’s face it, first impressions count. Perhaps it’s because it’s a space which joins multiple others, so when it looks as disastrous as ours has done over the past year, it reflects poorly on

The House With The Blue Door

Yale Composite Front Door 11

As part of “Operation: Get The House Ready Before Baby Clough Arrives” we’ve plastered, painted, carpeted and done a lot of scrubbing, and 2014 has been a hard year of graft on this house. It won’t be finished though. Improved significantly yes, and made safe for children where some areas previously weren’t, absolutely. But as the Winter has drawn in and the budget became smaller,

Hallway Progress: Finally Plastered!

hallway plaster 01

Thanks for everyone who had kind words to say about my last post on the hallway. For those who missed it, here it is! , and for my biggest fans out there (hi mum) you’ll remember that the hallway marked the final room in our house that needed re-plastering, and since we moved in the house 3 years ago we have now had every single wall re-done.

Hallway Progress & Plaster-boarding lessons learned

hallway progress 13

Last September, Joe took on the challenge to remove all of the rotten plaster in the hallway and landing. If you need to refresh your memory you can read all about that here. After he’d had some success with bedroom 3 adding the plasterboard himself, and our plasterer telling him he’d actually done a pretty good job, he decided we might as well do the

Year of the Doors

doors 05

I claimed back in January, that 2014 would mark the year of the door for us. Well, I didn’t know it at the time but within the month we were the proud new owners of internal doors to replace all of our old ones. Whilst I think there is a lot of quality in original doors of a house, sadly this just wasn’t the case

Joe Vs The Hallway


Just in case we didn’t have enough dust in our house, what with the back of the kitchen being knocked down, extended and rebuilt. Oh no, this was not enough. If Joe and I are going to live in a building site, we are going to go the whole hog baby! (Also, Joe got bored one day after work.) For some time now, our hallway

How a trip to Ikea gave us a new wall

Ikea Mirror

Our hallway is a bit of a tip if I’m being quite honest. But we have an excuse. There is very little point in re-decorating until we have the entire upstairs finished – you’ve seen the mess that bedroom 3 has already started to create to the entire upstairs! So, it’s with a heavy heart that we’ve decided it will be the final room in

Joe’s DIY Day Off

Letterbox DIY

We got back from our honeymoon at an eye-watering 6am last Bank Holiday Monday. Normally I’m quite happy to get up at this hour (okay so maybe not happy, but I do it!) however, after an overnight flight of 10 hours of which I did nothing but read and watch NHL games, I was a tad sleepy. Monday was dedicated to the oh-so-exotic tasks of