When Interiors Met the ‘Summer Goth’ #UKHOMEBLOGHOP


WHAT. A. WEEK. Hello, and a big squishy welcome to all of those who have joined me on the Summer edition of the #UKHOMEBLOGHOP. Organised by the ever lovely Kimberly from Swoon Worthy, this blog hop has brought you 27 interior blogger babes over 5 days. So if you’ve missed this week’s gorgeousness, head to Kimberly’s post and hop through the lot! If you’ve hopped

How to Treat Decking Timber: The Greyscale Edition

Grey decking

Two years ago, Joe built garden decking from scratch at the back of our house. This Autumn, the wood needed treating and we decided to ditch the lighter wood look. I’m not completely au fait with the likes of bulding products – it’s really more Joe’s area. But I’ll share what I can and if you have any questions you let me know in the

30 Minute Makeover: Lilac Garden Planters


This summer was supposed to be “the” summer for our garden. We had big plans to resurface our uneven lawn and build a kiddy corner for Luna, who absolutely loves to be outdoors. Sadly, it’s been a bit of a washout. It hasn’t kept us from getting out and about, but it’s certainly hindered our garden plans a little. What we have achieved though has

Replacing The Garden Fence

Replace fence 09

This summer we replaced our garden fence. Yup, classic late posting from moi I know. We’ve long since packed away our summer garden gear, and this one was of the main tasks we really wanted to get done and dusted before the cold set in. Mostly because we needed the garden to be escape-proof for our ferrets before the dark nights were upon us! But

Building Ferret Mansion: Part 2

DIY ferret hutch 23

Hey everyone! So this is part 2 of how we made a custom-built home for our ferrets. I know this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, so if you’re here for interiors-related stuff, I’ll be back in a few days with a lounge makeover, an update on our master bedroom revamp and some tropical additions to our garden! However if you want to nosey at

Building Ferret Mansion: Part 1

DIY ferret hutch 01

Hey everyone! So here is a project which is long overdue on this blog. Last summer, Joe created from scratch a purpose-built home for our pets. It’s absolutely humongous and completely amazes me. We’ve continued to make changes since then but I think now it’s fit for sharing. If you’ve ever thought about building a shed or constructing an outside structure for any reason, I

Garden Update: DIY Timber Decking

garden decking 20

One beautiful Autumnal day early this November, we added decking to our garden. As usual, I am using the collective “we”, when in reality I am merely the storyteller in this equation and all credit must 100% go to my husband Joe, his wonderful dad, Peter, and his brother-in-law Andy, who we wouldn’t have been able to do this project without, since this is something

Garden Borders in 20 minutes: An EcoBorders Review

garden border 11

How beautiful was the weather today? I absolutely love Autumn. It’s sunny enough to put a smile on everyone’s face, but crisp and cold enough to crack out the winter wardrobe – and as someone with a huge collection of scarves and hats, I’ve been excited for this moment. So today we felt it was a day to get outdoors. Joe is planning on getting

A Grand Garden Makeover…well it’s a start

garden makeover 03

Joe and I are incredibly lucky in the fact that we have so many trades in the family. We’ve got builders, joiners, and plumbers. And without their help and advice I don’t think the house would still be standing if I’m being 100% honest. The latest addition to our to-do list has been to tackle the garden, and lo and behold, it just so happens

Bank Holiday Tree Trimming – With A Twist

gardening 03

One of the primary reasons we have had any progress on this house over the past 2 and a bit years is due to Joe’s constant hard work. He’s so much more pro-active than me when it comes to getting stuff done and it’s one of the many many reasons I consider myself lucky to have him as a husband. Aww, soppy right? He always