Decorating At Age 10: A Fascination With The Stars

star moon nursery mobile 01

When I was younger, my fascination with the stars began. It’s an interest that I keep to this day and I’m sure some of my family will be just bored to tears of me chatting on about the importance of space exploration. I don’t know what it is about the whole thing, and I won’t pretend to understand the entirety of the physics when I

Painting The Nursery: Blue Is Gender Neutral, Right?

painting nursery 05

It’s been almost a year now (actually can’t believe that) since Joe  got stuck in with giving “Bedroom 3” – as it was once known – the fresh slate it so desperately needed. He removed any of the rotten plaster that remained so the room went back to brickwork, and then re-boarded the room himself. Only last month we had this room plastered (click here

Putting the ‘box’ into our ‘box room’

box room 04

Well, here we are. Who’d have thunk it when we moved in? The smallest room in the house – mostly referred to as Bedroom 3 on this blog, but to us, it’s the box room – which started as a junk room, then became a temporary holding space for our bathroom suite until we could have it fitted, until one day when we turned it

The Next Room On Our List… A NURSERY!


That’s right, after 8 years together, 1 year of marriage, almost 3 years of home ownership, and a whole lot of pretending to know what we’re talking about when it comes to DIY, our next adventure is about to begin. I am pregnant. As I’m writing this, I’m past the 12 week mark – the point where they say rate of miscarriage greatly reduces, high

Bedroom 2 & 3 Updates: Getting Plastered

bedroom 3 before

This last week, we did something really exciting: we had both of our spare bedrooms plastered. It’s a pretty momentous occasion for us really, as it means we only have one room left to replaster in the whole house: the hallway & landing. And that’s a big deal. It’s an odd feeling having plastering done again. I wish I just had smell-o-vision to try and

Eames Office Chair Review

Office Chair

For those who read my blog on a regular basis (oh hey there!) you may remember me mentioning in my last post some office chairs that I was adding to my wishlist. Well, that wish became a reality sooner than I thought, as I’ve just welcomed this gorgeous Eames Style Office Chair to our home. With the office not the largest room ever, it was

Office Inspiration

Office Inspiration

Before the end of the year, we are expecting to have the office – currently known as bedroom 3 with no bedroom-like features whatsoever – completed and decorated. Joe has already done a lot of the prep work in here, but since we are having walls plastered in the kitchen once the extension has been built, we may as well do the smallest room upstairs

An Update on Bedroom 3 (aka Dust Central)


Hello! Me again with another quick update for Bedroom 3! It almost looks like real walls now! Well, from the images here, they almost look cartoon-like, but still, it ain’t brick and that’s all jolly good with me. We’ve decided that we’re going to get it skimmed with plaster in the near future which means that this room should be completed by the end of

Be Gone Brickwork! Welcome, Plasterboard.


Joe has this weekend completed another step on our third bedroom. After my last update, he had taken everything back to brickwork and had just begun to stick some plasterboard pieces to the wall. (“Stick on” makes it sounds like it was done with Pritt Stick doesn’t it? Honestly, all proper materials were used…whatever they were.) Now, Joe has covered the entire walls with plasterboard

Bedroom progress thanks to a little good fortune

Bedroom 3 brickwork

Last month something incredible happened… (apart from getting married)…I won a competition! That’s never happened to me before! Zoopla were running a competition on Twitter to win a £100 gift card for B&Q, and named lil’ old me me as the winner. BOOM! So, I offered it out to Joe as he is the main DIY’er in this here household. Although I was so incredibly