Bold & Bright Toddler Bedroom MAKEOVER


Towards the end of last year, we moved Luna from her box room nursery into a bigger bedroom. As a budding gymnast already at the age of 2, it had got to the point where she could escape her teeny room and it was clear she needed more space as she was growing. (By the way, I’m still SO proud of what we achieved with

How To Hang A Wall Mural (Memphis Design, Toddler Helpers & Video!)

how to hang a wall mural

My little girl is no longer quite so little, and as a result of her outgrowing the box-room nursery, in late 2016 we moved her into a bigger bedroom. What we’re left with, after lots of clearing out, is a previous guest bedroom/office which is now full of random piles of toys with some nursery furniture. Sounds to me like it’s time to decorate! A

Nursery Tour

nursery tour 08

Midway through 2014, Bedroom 3 as it was then known, looked like this. We’d had the exciting news that our first baby was on the way, and in a few short months we had this room plastered and painted white in ancipation of becoming the nursery. In fact, following this picture we replaced the skirting board and added a picture rail. It has been painted a

60 minute makeover: Spray Painting our Nursery Wicker Chair

spray paint wicker 06

Something I really wanted for our nursery is a chair. Nothing fancy really. Just a nice, comfortable chair where I could feed and soothe the baby at bedtime. Turns out this was a bit more difficult than I anticipated. You see, nursing chairs are big, and we were working to a restricted space. I didn’t quite realise how restricted it was until we were so

DIY Nursery Art with Dr Seuss and Cricut Mini

diy nursery wall art 06

When it comes to decorating a nursery, it really is easy to go a little bit nuts. I’ve found at least 25 pieces of art I’d proudly display on our baby’s bedroom wall. I’ve found quirky ways to display ultrasound scan pictures. I’ve seen wall art, stencilled letter, fabric names, shaped bunting and fairy lights. And the thing is, they’re all totally magical for a

DIY Chevron Lampshade for the Nursery

DIY nursery chevron lampshade

Whilst I’m not the craftiest of people naturally, I do like to put a bit of a personal touch around the house here and there. After all, being on a strict budget over the years has meant we’ve more often than not opted for generic furniture choices and items of necessity over style, so any customisations we can add without spending a fortune is always

A Stripey Nursery Wishlist


I’ve started that exciting stage now in the nursery. The furniture is in and you could certainly class the room as decorated. But now, we are looking ahead to the finishing and personal touches. It’s not something I’ve really had a proper chance to indulge in at our house. I’ve definitely done my fair share of window shopping, and we certainly don’t live in squalor.

Nursery Update: Furniture, Clothes & Cuddly Toys!

nursery furniture 10

In one week last month, the nursery was completely transformed. The box was touched up, the carpet was fitted, the doors and windowsill were glossed, and the nursery furniture was delivered and built. It felt amazing. You can read about the carpet and the box in my last nursery update here. But the rest I’ve yet to blog about. Better late than never! Here we

Nursery Progress: Carpet & The Box

nursery carpet 04

This last month the nursery has been filled. People say how much stuff you need for a baby, but really until it’s taking over your house, it doesn’t properly sink in. So that we could get a move on, our initial focus for July was to get some flooring down and sort out the ‘box’ (which you can read about more here). And that’s exactly

Moving The Nursery Radiator and a Worx Review

move radiator 02

With radiators, it’s location, location, location. The thing about buying a house and doing it up as you go along, is that sometimes you make decisions in a hurry, only to add it back to your to-do list again in a matter of months. Before we moved in, we had a week where we could work on the house but still live in the comfort