Master Bedroom Summer 2015 Update with #Valspar3DChallenge

marsala bedroom 01 (2)

If you’d have asked me a few years ago what colour I’d paint my bedroom if I could choose any shade at all from the spectrum of the entire colour wheel, I would have picked…black. Yup. Dark as the night, plain old black walls. Not to everyone’s taste, granted. But they say it never goes out of style and goes with everything, so why not?

The Master Bedroom Makeover – Part 1

after 1

Little over a year ago, Joe decided to shake up the bedrooms in our house. We had a big clear out, and re-arranged the furniture to make the spaces look as large as possible. Our bedroom isn’t humongous, but it’s far from tiny, and we definitely got a lot more room out of shaking things up. But something just didn’t look right anymore. The green

A Fine Bedding Review: Making The Bedroom Snoozeworthy Again

Fine Bedding 02

There really is something to be said for curling up in bed as Winter sets in, cuddling up with a film and getting an early night. Sadly for me this hasn’t been the case over the past few months. I suffer from insomnia, on and off throughout the year. Actually, suffer is probably the wrong word, as most of the time, it allows me to

An obsession with Next begins.


I’m not normally fussed on brand names so much. I like finding a bargain, no matter what the label might say. But this past month, I’ve bought two things from Next for the house. Yup. Two whole things. I know this is not breaking news or particularly that interesting for most of my readers, but if you know me, you’ll know that I’m very difficult

Wishlist Wednesday – More moustaches


Cast your mind back to February. I posted a Wishlist Wednesday about moustache-related furniture/ornaments. They seem to be really ‘in‘ at the moment and we’re seeing them everywhere. But, on a recent wander round the shops, we found this simple piece of moustache-art in Next. For once, I’m going to make this Wishlist Wednesday a reality. I’m going to buy it on payday and put

A girly weekend for Karen


In my previous post, I talked about Joe being buff in the garden. I suppose it looks like I didn’t do much but take pictures of him. Well, you’d be wrong! This weekend I did lots of housewifey-type things. I baked…(These are Mars Bar melts. They were dynamite! I got the recipe from HERE if you want to make them too) …and then I cracked on with some

Karen’s productive weekend

On Friday night, I made the conscious decision that I was going to have an unbelievably productive weekend. That night, Joe & I headed to B&Q to pick up some bits and bobs. Joe needed some screws and other manly tool-related things and I wanted some paint samples for our bedroom. We had already painted the feature wall a green colour and I knew that I

Confessions of a hoarder

Hello everyone. My name is Karen and I am a hoarder. I have lived in at least 10 homes in my short existence and despite this fact, I’ve managed to accumulate more junk as I’ve gone on. Normal people have a clear out when they move but I just seem to pack everything up and relocate it. Well, that was all very well when I

One wall down…many more to go

This weekend we finally got off our bums and painted the feature wall in our bedroom. We had already bought the paint a few weeks back with a B&Q voucher I received for my birthday from the girls at work. So we put on some scruffs and got to work. I like to think of it as one of my presents to Joe, as it

Making a pickle out of picking paint

Chic shadow

Our bedroom is almost complete. It will be the first room in the house to reach this momentous status of ‘being finished’. In fact, all that we need to do now is paint the walls, and then it is simply a case of adding finishing touches such as wall art, candles, etc. Y’know, all those girly things that make a house a home. (I know