April Bathroom Update

Just like I said last month, when we got the keys to the house in August, I didn’t think I’d be writing an April bathroom update. BUT, we are very close to getting the final wheels in motion. Hoorah! Joe has done an enormous amount of work himself, from piping to tiling, but it has now got to the point where we’re going to have

Joe’s productive weekend

y u no

As I mentioned in my previous post, Joe & I had a really productive weekend. I’ve cracked on getting the bedroom walls painted, and Joe has been working hard on the bathroom. I don’t have as many pictures for Joe’s bit of the weekend for a few reasons: 1: I was busy painting. 2: He gets a bit miffed if I’m stood there taking pictures

March Bathroom Update

I must admit, when we received the keys for the house in August, I never thought that re-modelling the bathroom would result in a March bathroom update. I honestly thought this room would be the easiest thing ever (completely delusional). And I suppose for me it has been – although my general girly showering/pampering routine has gone to pot. Joe and his dad have done

Another bathroom update!

To the outside world it won’t look as if we’ve done a whole lot yet and I know that most normal people get a bathroom done in about two weeks. Well, we’re not normal. Nor are we rich. Joe has worked really hard on doing the room himself and we have completely re-modelled it so it may still take a while. Current tasks in the bathroom

Bathroom Update!

So, not long ago, we came to the realisation that tiles cost an absolute fortune. Who knew? We’ve been putting this stage off, not because we didn’t want to do it (trust me, I am so excited to have a shower and then not be covered in dust! It’s currently like getting out of the ocean on a beach, but far less glamorous) but simply

Only up to 5 washes? Rip-off!

If you’ve been to this blog before, you may have heard me rattle on about our bathroom for a while now. Well, in a nutshell, we’re still a far way off it being finished. But, something happened lately that made me chuckle so much, I was almost glad it is only half done. With Christmas here, and my car bills due, money has been slightly

Taking baby steps towards a bathroom

This weekend something amazing happened…..we had our bath put in. There’s still plenty to do in this room (fit the sink, buy tiles, buy towel radiator, install shower, y’know, just a few small jobs….) and we probably won’t have the entire bathroom completed until the end of January (that’s the goal!) but I’m trying to appreciate every little victory as it comes. And quite frankly,

All I want for Christmas is a shower…

For the bath. Also includes a matching tap for the sink.

For a while now we’ve been living without a full bathroom. Read about how we’ve done this here. But, after two/three months, we’re making some progress. After tearing down a wall when we moved in, (as always, I say we, but really it was Joe and his helpers) making a separate bathroom and toilet into one room, we were pretty much starting from scratch with

So….taps are interesting right?


I am generally a very forgetful person, and a tad useless in life to be honest. The only thing that gets me through the days is my monstrous, ever-growing to-do list. Sat with terribly greasy hair yesterday, really in need of a shower after gutting the house, me & Joe decided it was time to get this bathroom job back on the go (don’t worry,

How to live without a bathroom


In case you’re not aware, this is currently the state of our bathroom in the house. We’re in a state of “re-inventing” it and believe it or not, we really are getting there slowly but surely – obviously we felt that having a toilet was a priority. The actual bathroom suite is in the bathroom, although not plumbed in yet. This is the to-do-list: Finish