Pixel Perfect Bathroom

pixel flower 01

This is a short but sweet entry today, and it’s a thank you to Joe’s parents for this little gem. Back in August, I added a pixel flower decoration from Think Geek onto my Office Inspiration post. Truth be told, I’ve had this on my mental wishlist since Joe and I moved into our first flat together – a fair few years ago. I guess

Wishlist Wednesday: Bathroom Decorations

Wishlist Wednesday bathroom

This week I’ve been looking at ways we can finish the bathroom. Yes, it’s all finished in terms of renovating (almost a year since this has been completed wooohoo!). But, these things take time and there is still plenty to do. The bathroom still needs  a new window and a bloody good weekly scrub but no-one wants to read about that, right? So, when having

Bathroom, meet Cabinet.

Dinosaur wedding wrapping

Bathroom, I’d like to introduce you to someone very special: your brand new cabinet. I know you’ve waited a long time for this to join your little family, but it’s finally here! Wait a minute. What am I doing? Writing a letter to our bathroom? Back to reality I think. One of our wedding presents, out of those which are house-related, has alreaady been put into action!

Mirror mirror on the bathroom wall…

Wahey, it's on!

In November Joe turned 26 and he got something from his parents that we’ve been struggling to find for months now: a bathroom mirror! Finishing the bathroom over the summer was an amazing feeling and it is taking us a while to get those finishing touches done, but this certainly helped. As always I tried my best to stay well out of the way, whilst

I’m just going to go for a shower….because i CAN!


Last month we had the bathroom finished. I have been a bit pants at blogging because we’ve just been busy with wedding things and trying to get our heads around venues and budgets and all that stuff. But, I’ve finally taken some pictures of the finished result. First, a reminder of how it looked when we moved in with special appearances from the rotting cast

I need more knock knock jokes in my life

Last Christmas we were very generously given a set of loft ladders from Joe’s parents, after Joe and his dad started opening up the loft hatch so we could use the space for storage (read about that here). However, we’ve finally learned that it’s just not going to be possible to have a drop down loft ladder because of where the joists are in the

June Bathroom Update – Part 2

As promised, this is a continuation from my last bathroom related blog post. Here’s what happened in our bathroom this week. Monday We bought a towel radiator at the weekend. Keith (bathroom fitter) reserved it for us at trade price which included all the valves and heating implements. This was installed and is functional. The shower piping is now fully installed and has been tiled.

June Bathroom Update

It’s finally here! We are officially getting our bathroom finished. This week, we had a guy come in for the job. So far he has been at the house 2 days. He’s due back next week after the weekend. Here’s what has happened so far: Day 1 – Wednesday The floorboards have come up in preparation for the towel radiator next week. This is what

May Bathroom update

cute note

Well, I haven’t posted much about the house in the past month or so, and to be quite honest, it’s because we haven’t done a whole lot! We’ve been a little distracted with engagement stuff and with the sun finally making an appearance – it’s our first summer with a garden yay! But, Joe’s parents bought us bathroom lights as an engagement pressie, and they

We’re on a mission. A bathroom mission.


I know I almost never mention work on our bathroom* but this past few weeks Joe and I have tried to get some bathroom fitters in to give price quotes on getting the job finished. If you’re wondering what we need doing: Final piping (including installing the shower mixer into the brickwork and fitting the waste drainpipe). Then the shower tray and doors (essentially the