When Interiors Met the ‘Summer Goth’ #UKHOMEBLOGHOP


WHAT. A. WEEK. Hello, and a big squishy welcome to all of those who have joined me on the Summer edition of the #UKHOMEBLOGHOP. Organised by the ever lovely Kimberly from Swoon Worthy, this blog hop has brought you 27 interior blogger babes over 5 days. So if you’ve missed this week’s gorgeousness, head to Kimberly’s post and hop through the lot! If you’ve hopped

The Honest House Tour: The Lounge

Lounge Tour

Hi everyone. Thanks so much for all of your lovely comments on my last honest house tour – if you haven’t seen it yet, see the kitchen tour here. If you’re a first-time visitor to my blog – WELCOME. You’ve arrived at an interesting time. Y’see, we’re moving. In fact, we’ve already accepted an offer. IKNOWRIGHT? Things are moving fast. Nothing is set in stone with

The Honest House Tour: Kitchen Diner

kitchen tour

So I can’t believe I’m saying this, but our house is on the market. The house that we’ve rebuilt from scratch over 6 incredibly tiring but fun years. It’s not been an easy decision and I’m probably going to burst into tears when we leave, but we do ultimately want something bigger and as many parents tend to do, we’re moving in order to better our

That Time We Bought & Sold A House in 48 Hours

moving house

It’s been a rollercoaster few days and for those who follow me on Instagram, thank you so much for all of your advice and positive vibes! Last weekend I spotted a house on the market. Not just any house. Our dream house on paper. Period property. Bags of room (as in 2,700 square feet). Over 80 feet of garden. Cellars. Garage. Sheds. Converted Attic. Doors

Bold & Bright Toddler Bedroom MAKEOVER


Towards the end of last year, we moved Luna from her box room nursery into a bigger bedroom. As a budding gymnast already at the age of 2, it had got to the point where she could escape her teeny room and it was clear she needed more space as she was growing. (By the way, I’m still SO proud of what we achieved with

How I Financed a Kitchen Renovation With ‘No Credit Rating’


Today I’d like to talk about the real cost of a fixer-upper house as a newly married woman. I understand that’s a pretty niche audience I’m talking to, and it will become apparent why I’m being so specific in a moment… Let’s start in February 2013 when I wrote a blog post declaring that this would be the year of the kitchen for our house. To put

How To Hang A Wall Mural (Memphis Design, Toddler Helpers & Video!)

how to hang a wall mural

My little girl is no longer quite so little, and as a result of her outgrowing the box-room nursery, in late 2016 we moved her into a bigger bedroom. What we’re left with, after lots of clearing out, is a previous guest bedroom/office which is now full of random piles of toys with some nursery furniture. Sounds to me like it’s time to decorate! A

How to DIY a Marble Window Sill

DIY marble window sill

With Luna’s birthday as well as Christmas approaching, Joe and I woke up one day and decided that our hallway was a bit scruffy looking and needed a refresh. I say refresh, but what I mean is we’ve practically redecorated it. I’ll be doing a full blog post on this soon but one feature that’s done and making me smile each day is our marble

How to Treat Decking Timber: The Greyscale Edition

Grey decking

Two years ago, Joe built garden decking from scratch at the back of our house. This Autumn, the wood needed treating and we decided to ditch the lighter wood look. I’m not completely au fait with the likes of bulding products – it’s really more Joe’s area. But I’ll share what I can and if you have any questions you let me know in the

Catchment 22

when is it time to sell your first home?

It’s the talk of the town amongst my mummy mates since the beginning of September: school term starts, and for many it’s an exciting milestone for their kids – the first day in school. You’ve probably all seen your Facebook timelines with little girls and boys stood against a wall in their oversized uniform. Too. Cute. Whilst it feels like only yesterday that I gave