10 Colourful Fireplaces

10 Colourful Fireplaces

…which will make you want to paint yours!

One of the most difficult things about decorating, I find, is when I go to my husband with a new idea and try to convince him it’s going to look badass. Honestly? It helps if I come prepared. We moved into our utterly fabulous, but incredibly beige, new house back in September 2017 and first on my hitlist to assassinate every inch of  “landlord magnolia” was the fireplace.

Oh how I’d longed for a fire! From student digs, to our first flat, to our renovated home which sadly needed the fireplace removing, means that it’s something I’ve never had until now, and I knew it needed to be a statement feature. Here are some of my absolute favourite finds from my ‘research gathering’, which not only fuelled my fire (see what I did there) for a real burst of colour when it came to the mantle, but really helped when it came to my “Exhibit A” evidence to prove to  Joey that colourful fireplaces can look utterly fabulous.

If you’re wondering how to make a painted fireplace into a reality, I’ve got a post coming next week all about how to paint your surround properly and safely. Watch this space.  But for now, let’s see the colourful fireplaces for all homes and styles. Bring on the evidence!

If you love sleek and sexy…

Kimberly from Swoonworthy has totally transformed this fire surround by going from light to dark thanks to a lick of paint, and DIY’ing the most fabulous marble tiles. Read how she did it here.

Black fireplace

If you love to keep things simple…

…but cannot resist a hot pink. This beaut is from the legendary Kate Watson-Smyth from Mad About The House – author of Shade of Grey. Her love of neutrals is infectious but it’s so wonderful to see that POP of energy in this workspace.

Colourful fireplace

If you don’t have a surround…

Fireplace does not always equal a mantelpiece or working flames. But what’s left of a removed fireplace can still be tons of fun if you choose it to be. The eternally lovely Karen Knox, Interior Designer at Making Spaces designed this room, and that unexpected orange peeping through where where the fire once would have sat is just dreamy.

Colourful Fireplace

If you’re crushing on blush…

The trend that isn’t going anywhere just yet, this blush pink/deep green combination just works and is a great way of mixing masculine and feminine hues. No wonder this fireplace is so lush. Spotted over on Thrillsoftheemporium’s Instagram.

Blush fireplace

If you love dark interiors but need a pop…

I’m a big lover of turning your living area into a dungeon. Gimme those luscious liquorice walls any day! But if it’s looking a bit dreary, yellow is always going to be a surefire (pun intended) way to add some umph. This one is a new favourite  Instagram find from Amber who is documenting the renovation of this mammoth house.

Colourful Fireplace

If you can’t resist the glow of neon…

I was incredibly lucky to visit Katie’s house back in 2017 as part of the No House Rules launch, and this fireplace took my breath away (See me nerding out to it here). The Insta Queen, known online as Come Down To The Woods, sure knows how to rock a neon.


If you are all about the pastels…

Just because you don’t have a fireplace doesn’t mean you can’t fake it ’till you make it! This is one of my favourite spaces online from the ffortlessly talented Toni Bee of In Colourful Company. That pastel pink against the smalt blue with all the Ikea chair goodness.  Gaaaah I love it.

Colourful fireplace

If you love mixing old and new…

I completely adore the playfulness of Nicolette’s fire (from Archie and the Rug). Particular bonus points for all the originality brought to life through the unexpected use Farrow and Ball’s minty wonder, Arsenic.

Colourful fireplace

If you love Blue & Yellow…

Yes I already have a yellow up there, but I am just obsessed with this colour combo. The first bedroom I ever decorated was this colour (space themed – age 11) and I’ve now used it yet again in our new lounge – tour coming soon. This image from Dazzle At Home was the image that convinced me to paint our fireplace a bold colour and just go for it.

Colourful fireplace

If you like Ultra Violet…

Okay kidding, because it seems like there aren’t all that many people who like Pantone’s Colour of the Year BUT we have recently painted our fireplace Valspar’s Jazzberry, a deep lavendar colour which mirrors the little flecks of purpley goodness in the Loft and Us wallpaper (I’m also thinking of matching the skirting board in the same colour. Yes/No in the comments!) Full reveal coming soon when we finish the lounge, but turns out all of those other pictures did the trick because I got my painted fireplace WAHEY! This story has a happy ending!


Tell me, which is your favourite! What colour will you be painting your fireplace? Go on, I know you want to…