3 Colours To Use In Your Home in 2018

3 Colours To Use In Your Home in 2018

Whilst I’m a big believer that interiors are mostly down to personal taste, trends continue to influence what is actually available to us in the stores to make a house our own.

2017 saw a really broad selection when it came to the chosen “Colour of the Year” from the big players of the industry – a testiment to the fact that we all interpret ‘fashionable’ a little differently. That’s what keeps it all interesting right?

So I’ve done a little summary. The Colours of 2018 according to little old me. What’s hot according to the paint brands of our fave decorating suppliers? What are we likely to see everyone talking about, whether you love or loathe it? And what are the 3 colours I REALLY hope we see more of in a, let’s face it, samey industry.  LET’S GO.

Colours of 2018: What the Experts Say

What shades have the professional paint pushers picked, and what did they say about their choices? Here they are in a nutshell:


dULUX HEART WOODPantone COTY 2018 Ultraviolet

  • Sherwin Williams – “Oceanside: A collision of rich blue with jewel-toned green, which is both accessible and elusive”
  • Benjamin Moore – “Caliente: A warm seductive, energetic tone with a hint or orange”
  • PPG Paints: “Black Flame: A statement-making mix of black and indigo to evoke privacy and harmony”
  • Pratt & Lambert – Heron: An elegant midnight blue offering mindful, tranquil living for creative individuals”
  • Dulux: “Heart Wood: A warm pink-based neutral to create both calm and warmth”
  • Pantone: “Ultra Violet: A dramtically provocative and thoughtful purple shade”

2018 is looking warm, right? Cool-toned greys, moody blues and muted pastel pinks have been lovingly drenching our Instagram feeds for the 2016/2017 season but it looks like we might be making a turn towards a warmer palette as we approach 2018.

Don’t worry if you disagree! It’s worth remembering that so many colour decisions are made outside of the UK (most of the brands above are US based I believe), and as a woman based in the North of England, I know full well I’m not going to get the same lashing of sunshine in my home as those in the likes of California. Colour choices are a personal choice but here are the shades I’d just love to get more of in 2018.

Colour of the Year: MY CHOICES

Colour Choice #1: Lavender


Image Source: The Heath Field Tiles from Winchester Tiles

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the 80s are making a comeback. I know that many in the interiors world will shudder at that notion, but it’s not about replication of that era, but evolution. Think about all of the elements which are returning with such vigour: neon lights, lava lamps, colour-blocking, geometric pattern, high-waisted jeans! C’mon, they didn’t make Stranger Things by accident. Those guys knew what they were doing.

Back to my point. Those mixes of lilacs and lavenders, used unashamedly on every surface possible makes this colour family intertwined with those years. But I say it’s back.

I did a little prediction that a lilac shade would be Dulux’s Colour Of The Year. It wasn’t but I was on the right lines. A lavender-tinted neutral in Heart Wood. And whilst Pantone’s Ultra Violet has really divided design enthusiasts around the world already (a post I’ll write later…) there is no doubt that the purple family is creeping back into our world. For those unconvinced on lavenders (which are traditionally light purples with hints of blue), take a look at the tiles above. Made modern with neon, colour prints and soft velvety upholstery. It’s familiar yet refreshing at the same time. And paired with gold, brings a real sense of luxury to what is essentially a pop-art palette.

Colour Choice #2: Burnt Yellow

Mustard yellow bed

Image Source: Africa Zanzibar coloured headboard from Harrison Spinks

I’ve long been a fan of yellow. I was painting my hallway bright yellow (Valspar’s Oopsy Daisy – still love that naming) when I went into labour! And according to my more fashion-led friends, “egg yolk” yellow was seen on every catwalk later in 2017.  It’s interesting that so many of us have similar tastes in clothes as we do with our homes, and so a bold shade of yellow shouldn’t be too much of a surprise popping up in our favourite highstreet homeware haunts.

The resurgence of velvet has really given mustard yellow a new lease of life. It’s a pairing that just WORKS, y’know? But take it a little deeper. Take that shade of yellow and singe it a little. That burnt yellow which blurs the line between mustard and amber is such a grown-up shade for this fun colour. A grittier alternative for those who simply can’t stomach the optimism of sunshine yellow.

Grey walls continue to be the favourite neutral of our homes (besides beige but I’m not counting that one) and yellow of all shades are the perfect pairing, whether it’s upholstered or all over the ceiling. Go for the slightly murkier versions in 2018. They’re lovely.

Colour Choice #3: Deep Teal

teal interior

Image Source: Elle Decoration

Look at the shades of blue above named as Colour of the Year; Oceanside & Heron in particular. They’re decidedly on the greener scale of blue, and teal is surely on the cards for a comeback. Especially if Pantone’s purple pick actually hit the shops – they pair so well!

The guest room  in our last home was Dulux’s Proud Peacock (a lovely more cost-effective alternative to Farrow & Ball’s Vardo if you’re curious) and in many hours of the day it would look almost teal. From that moment on, I’ve had a soft spot for Emerald and Cyan and all that fits in between in the juicy jewel tones of the “teal” label. It’s an oten overlooked range of colour because it’s not an in-your-face type of shade. And that’s where it’s beauty lies. It’s bold without taking centre stage, making it a beautiful choice to test the waters with if you’re unsure of a new shade to try in your home.

I personally love seeing it in glass pieces or in luxury furniture as pictured above. Try it in a West facing room if you’re going for it on the walls, as it will look slightly different as the lighting changes through the day.

So those are my choices! Which do you like? Are the trend predictions what you’d hope or way off the mark? Are you dreading the 80s revival? I’d love to hear what shades you’ve got planned for the year ahead!

  • Hungry_Healthy_Happy

    I love that heart wood colour. I think that might be perfect for our bathroom.

  • Sophie Elisabeth

    Heartwood, and burnt yellow, yes! It’s really nice to see some colourful room ideas for a change. So much stuff I have seen recently is very minimal, but I really like the idea of bright colours to add a bit of personality! x