Well I Guess That Was September 2017

Well I Guess That Was September 2017

Do you ever scroll through your camera or phone and find SO many images you wish you’d remembered to share or print? I don’t know about you, but I do this ALL THE TIME.

Rather than feel gutted that I didn’t share them earlier, they make me smile – kind of like a highlight reel of recent adventures.

I’ve made a real effort this year to get out and about more. Attend more events. Meet new people. It’s been a challenge whilst trying to organise a house move, but it’s been a very welcome distraction. However, I don’t always get around to telling you about them!

So I’m going to start writing a monthly roundup. Shed some light on all that goodness. Here’s the highlight reel for my September.



I’ve started to colour code my Instagram and I’ve been having LOADS of fun with it. I think I was probably a victim of the shadowban saga of the summer, but as it’s my favourite platform and I genuinely enjoy chatting away to my mates in these little squares. regardless of algorithm shenanigans, I decided to just have fun with it. It’s also given me a new outlook to photography and I’ve found myself taking my camera out more, always on the hunt for that colour block. What do you think?


This month I visited Farrow & Ball on Deansgate, Manchester to celebrate the launch of their new wallpaper design. I caught up with the ever fabulous Karen Barlow as we sipped on bubbles and talked design. The showroom is beautiful with a reclaimed project by Relovedmcr, proudly displayed in the window upcycled in the newly launched wallpaper. I had a good old natter with the staff and will be coming back soon for a colour consultancy for my new house. Exciting.

farrow-and-ball01 farrow-and-ball02

I can’t pretend not to be gutted to have missed out on all the London events this month that I was invited to. (Can’t believe I couldn’t visit Camille Walala’s “Villa Walala” *cries) Thankfully I’ve been able to live it through some of my favourite Instagrammers. But living in the North, working full time and moving house? This year wasn’t meant to be. 2018 I’m coming for you.

The Colour Walk

In September, I was well and truly introduced to the In Colourful Company community. In a nutshell, it’s a bunch of colour lovers who meet up, wander, chat and find colourful spots around the designated city of the day. This one was in my very own Manchester and I was co-hosting with these beauts below. It was such a welcome relief from the upcoming house move and you can read all about it here.

Manchester colourwalk

On that note, I was also doodled by the incredibly lovely Jayne Robinson, a fellow #InColourfulCompany member. This made me smile on a really down day. Never underestimate the kindness of total strangers on the internet.

Family Time

With an imminent move, we’ve just had to play September by ear, making sure we would be ready to move at the drop of the hat and try not to make any concrete plans. I feel like we’ve been locked away from society a little, having invested so many hours into solicitor appointments and paperwork but on the upside it meant that we finally got some real quality time as a family. It was really needed after one of our ferrets passed away and we had our bank account frauded… it’s been one heck of a month. We’ve tried new places for brunch (on account of our kitchen having been packed) and we’ve really tested the boundaries of “family-friendly” in many restaurant loos – giving me lots of bathroom inspo whilst the little lady is toilet training.

Hex bathroom

One mega highlight though is booking a weekend away. We’ll be heading to the Copenhagen Christmas markets for Luna’s 3rd birthday and I absolutely cannot wait. Recommendations very much welcome in the comments if you’ve been!

The House Move

Here is it. The house move. The big news we’ve been talking about since FEBRUARY. We have been officially living out of boxes now since end of June, with September really being quite extreme. We’ve been ready to go for some time now, just waiting for paperwork finalities. The date was set for September 29th. Did we move?


I can’t quite put into words the unbelievable relief that everything went through. I’ve got so much to say about it, but I want to finish writing about my old house first. Watch this space though…



So that was me! Tell me all about your September. What were your highlights? Who else is excited for pumpkin picking in the next few weeks? October for us is going to be the start of decorating and my birthday! And we can’t forget Halloween. Exciting times.