I Have This Thing With Spanish Tiles

I Have This Thing With Spanish Tiles

So it turns out, I have this thing with Spanish tiles.

Every time I travel, I find that I’m accidentally drawn to one particular part of that culture, not really knowing what that is until I return home and find 500 pictures of it on my camera roll (the memory space struggle is real).

When I visited Hamburg Christmas markets, I saw that almost all of the graffiti had smiley faces in it. When I treated hubby to a 30th birthday in Budapest, we saw that the colour yellow dominated the architecture. When I visited Berlin, I couldn’t help myself from snapping the oversized ornate doors on the high street.

I always spot something.

On my recent adventures in southern Spain, it was the tiles. It’s no secret that the Spanish love a good tile pattern, just like so many hot climates do. Tiles, whether ceramic, porcelain or natural stones can withstand years of hard wear, they’re water resistant, and their cool touch can really give you some relief – especially if you’re like me and struggle in the heat!

Whilst I know little about the exact names relating to the patterns, I want to learn so much more! Particularly as my first thought was to bring back some tiles, and get them on the fireplace in our new house.

Sadly, we didn’t find any and I’m at a loss as to what to search for! So consider this a dual-purpose blog post. Firstly, to show you just how gorgeous the little details of southern Spain are if you look for them. Secondly, a call for help. If you know what the style names of any of the below, I’d love to hear from you so I can put a little bit of this Spanish beauty into my home.

Which is your favourite? And tell me more about places I should travel for colour & culture. I’m all ears!

spanish tiles duquesa
Castilo De La Duquesa, Manilva
spanish tiles duquesa castle
Coloured bench near Castilo De La Duquesa, Manilva
duquesa spanish tiles
Parrot Foundation, Puerto De La Duquesa, Manilva
spanish tiles
Playa de Sabinillas
spanish tiles
Calle Picasso, Playa de Sabinillas
spanish tiles
Private home, Playa de Sabinillas

spanish tiles

Private home, Sabinillas

spanish tiles beach

Beachfront, Playa de la Sabinillas

duquesa wall mural spanish tiles

Los Corcelles de Neptuno The Horses of Neptune, Playa de la Sabinillas

spanish tiles

Main Street Shopping Centre, Gibraltar
spanish tiles Sacarello’s Coffee Shop, Gibraltar

Pharmacy, Main Street, Gibraltar

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