When Interiors Met the ‘Summer Goth’ #UKHOMEBLOGHOP

When Interiors Met the ‘Summer Goth’ #UKHOMEBLOGHOP



Hello, and a big squishy welcome to all of those who have joined me on the Summer edition of the #UKHOMEBLOGHOP.

Organised by the ever lovely Kimberly from Swoon Worthy, this blog hop has brought you 27 interior blogger babes over 5 days. So if you’ve missed this week’s gorgeousness, head to Kimberly’s post and hop through the lot!

If you’ve hopped on over from the pink-haven that is the beautiful Don’t Cramp My Style – so lovely to have you, I think you might like what we’ve got in store today…(Clue – think pink)

So the theme is SUMMER STYLE.

A hard one for me if I’m honest. Y’see, I love a nice sunny day as much as the next pale-faced redhead in the UK – aka not loads. There, you’ve dragged it out of me. I’m a Winter gal, and with an allergy to certain levels of humidity and a bit of a history of being a goth, I think it’s safe to say, the sun and I are not “bae” – that’s how to use that word right?

But I didn’t realise just how much I’ll miss having that ourdoor space. We’re house-hunting, as many of my regular readers will know, and we’re struggling to find anything in budget with a garden. A big change from the 70 foot piece of gorgeous greenery we have right now.

The problem is, sometimes Dracula can’t afford to live in a Transylvanian castle, so he moves to the suburbs to put his kids into a good school, and settles for a IKEA Malm coffin because it’s minimal. LIFE.

But I digress.

The point is, I love sitting somewhere suitably shaded and looking at the nice sunny days. That’s why my chosen summer styling for the day is sat in our beautiful kitchen/diner, French doors blasted open, overlooking our gorgeous piece of land, and eating ice cream. Take a look won’t you?

Monochrome dinner table

Monochrome dinner table

So I know this will bother some people who like order, but we prefer chaos in this house. The table is set for 3 because that’s how many of us there are. Hey, my toddler throws things – why give her the extra ammo, y’know?

Monochrome dinner table

Monochrome dinner table

Monochrome dinner table

All the flowers are faux and from Country Baskets (none cost more than £2 each if I remember rightly) but you probably knew that they weren’t real when you saw that it was actually pom poms in a vase. I’m officially a plant murderer no matter how hard I try to the contrary.

Monochrome dinner table

Monochrome dinner table

The dusky pink bowls are Ikea and I think for a set of 18 pieces it was £20. Bargainous. The monochrome tablecloth, napkins and oversized black tray was also IKEA. I’ve got a problem okay…

Monochrome dinner table

I love using my little Rose & Grey mini pineapple vase to offer cutlery. Official plate settings just feel too formal for us. We’re much more a “help yourself” kinda house. It’s a really casual vibe.

I can’t lie, the gin is just for me, and because it’s pink. So that’s my summer style for this year! It might be really different next year in a new house but most of the pieces are coming with us!

In fact, almost of the decoration seen here is a “shop my stash” kinda vibe. I’m a big believer that if you buy homewares that share a neutral theme, you can swap them around the home seamlessly to keep things looking fresh for years. Our neutrals are mostly gold and white and they make even my kitsch/ off-beat style look a bit more grown up.

So I hope you liked joining me for ice cream!

Don’t forget to hop on over to the last, but certainly not least, blogger – Tidy Away Today and for a full list of bloggers, scroll down to catch up. Thanks again for joining us all on the blog hop. Enjoy your summer, lovelies!

Monochrome dinner table

Monochrome dinner table


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