Find Your Style with John Lewis

Find Your Style with John Lewis

STYLE ADVICE JOHN LEWISIt’s taken me a long time to find my interiors style.

I think my mum would probably categorise it as “bonkers”. Some of my mates would probably class me as a “maximalist”, often shunning plain walls or empty shelves. I think it would probably be most accurate to describe my style as a bit off-the-wall (pardon the pun).

I like my walls to be rich in colour. I like my furniture mis-matched. I like the juxtaposition of my nerdy dinosaur figurines, against our modern kitchen units and primary colours slapped onto upcycled furniture.

Eclectic & bright geekery; putting the fun into functional family interiors. That’s what I’m all about. But I wonder if it’s as easy for someone else to be able to get that out of you? Can a complete stranger cater for your taste from a quick chat? Well it turns out John Lewis do exactly that!

As part of their Home Design Service offering, the store offers the aptly named, Style Advice – aiming to help customers find a look and style that you love, and just as importantly, one that you can afford. If you like, John Lewis can even visit your house to create a complete design scheme including a shopping list and any ordering, delivery or fitting details as necessary.

As someone that blogs about interiors, colours and patterns just because of the sheer love of it, it’s hard for me to remember sometimes that not everyone enjoys sourcing bits for the home, or getting stuck in with the nitty gritty of transforming a room. So it’s always good to have that option to outsource when it becomes too much, or you just don’t know where to start.

Ideas are always the hardest part to piece together, otherwise we all wouldn’t be spending so long on Pinterest!

So what do you get from a Style Advice appointment (which is free btw, wahey!)

Over 90 minutes, you get to natter with a design stylist. You’ll discuss what it is you’re looking to achieve, any ideas you might have, talk about your style, and then look at some products together to put together a moodboard – and if you like them, you walk away with a personalised shopping list of recommended items.

John lewis colourful

I guess the real benefit is that department stores usually have something for everyone’s taste. Take mine for example. I might tell someone at John Lewis of my love for colour, for richness in that colour. For playfulness in shapes. The need to make a room feel family-friendly but welcoming to adults at the same time. For the wonders of retro. And they could probably give me any of the below based on that – all of which are on their website at the moment. Then it’s just a case of picking the best fit for your taste and home type.

John Lewis Style Advice

(Actually making a mental note to go back for that bedding on payday though. Lush)

So consider this my personal recommendation. I so often get e-mails asking for style advice which is both AMAZINGLY flattering, but at the same time, terrifying due to my complete and utter lack of actual training. I’ve got a few days off work approaching and I’ve made an appointment to test out the service. You should do the same and we can share notes.