April Showers: Wayfair Artwork for a Rainy Day

April Showers: Wayfair Artwork for a Rainy Day

Rainy day art from Wayfair

Drip, drip, drop
Little April shower
Beating a tune
As you fall all around

It feels quite apt that it’s been absolutely absolutely heaving it down with rain this week. My little girl has had bursts of additional naps following days of splashing in puddles, with her raincoat hanging up to dry over the radiator shortly after. Manchester isn’t called ‘rain city’ for nothing.

I know it gets a lot of people down, but cheesy as it is, you just can’t make a rainbow without the rain, so I think over time I’ve learned to just accept this as one of those little quirks that grungy Manchester has to offer. With that in mind, as one of Wayfair’s Home Experts, I’ve been noseying through the website and discovered absolutely loads of artwork absolutely saturated in colour, varying in style, but all a different interpretation of rain.

Art around the house is one of my favourite ways to keep rooms looking fresh when you don’t want to completely redecorate. Either by just adding a postcard from a local museum, or a fully framed personalised piece of art. The good thing about Wayfair is that there is a little something no matter what your budget.

Below are my favourites. Let me know which one is yours!

Wayfair artwork

Above: 3 Umbrellas in Rain by Leonid Afremov – £25.99 | ‘In the Rain’ by Franz Marc – £46.99 | ‘Spring Rain II’ by Jennifer Webb – £113.99 | ‘Dancing in the Rain’ by Amira Rahim – £106.99

Wayfair artwork

Above: Geometric Rain 2 by Francisco Valle – £34.99 | Raining in Gonkville by Simon Wild  – £31.99 | Dance under the Rain by Leonid Afremov – £29.99 | Walking in the Rain by Hokku Designs – £25.99

See, no grey in sight! Who said rain had to be dark and gloomy. I’d happily have any of these in my home. Which fits your style best?