10 Colourful Floors for Kids!

10 Colourful Floors for Kids!

colourful floor for kids

You only need to take a look at my Instagram to know that, like so many others… #IHaveThisThingWithFloors

So when an e-mail dropped into my inbox from a brand called Atrafloor with an absolutely bonkers amount of cute floor designs, I knew it was something I couldn’t keep to myself.

The brand currently prints designs onto a premium vinyl. Now, I don’t know about you, but I think my preconceived opinion of vinyl was perhaps a little outdated. After renovating my house I associate vinyl with the horrible old sticky-back-plastic type of material that was brown and bland, and just past its best. Well, it’s clear that times have changed and just LOOK at how many awesome designs there are.

Below are my top 10 from the site, which I though would fit beautifully into a children’s playroom or nursery if you want to add a burst of colour. Not all homes are blessed with hardwood floors, the ever-popular floor choice for newborns, paired with a soft fluffy rug. Personally, after cleaning up plenty of spillages and Play-Doh out of carpet, I’m starting to regret having it in Luna’s room. So if you’re looking at vinyl as an alternative, take your pick!

Which is your favourite?

Children's Flooring


I adore these three. They’re bold but also pretty understated. The geometry of the patterns is so playful, but would also be ideal paired with simple but classic furniture pieces in a new nursery. How freakin’ cute would that be?

Children's Flooring


How many of you had the classic rug with a runway or road markings on it? I bet you played pretend with cars on it right? Well, forget the rug. Now you can do it with flooring. Such a creative idea for playrooms. The clouds pattern is particularly gorgeous and is giving me all of the Toy Story vibes. And as someonw who grew up with starry wallpaper in her bedroom, moon-shaped mobiles dangling and glow in the dark star stickers on her bedroom ceiling, with a daughter named after the moon, I couldn’t very well ignore this constellation floor. LOVE.

Children's Flooring


All three of these are quirky and bold in their own right but I can’t resist the sharp lines in each pattern. The Primary style is simple, sophisticated but still fun. The deep blue of the Direction pattern with scribbled white arrows has a real feel of a childlike doodle. And the Rosa with all of its imitation wood, marble and pastels is bang on trend for any future fashionista’s bedrooms.

Rain Drop Flooring

Above: DROP

And now for my personal favourite, the rain drop pattern. It’s colourful, bright and fun. I feel like when we finally move home I’m most looking forward to decorating her bedroom all over again. This image above is a sample of the vinyl and I really do love it.

So they’re my top picks. Please do let me know if you’ve had any recent experience with vinyl floors! As a wipeable option, I can’t think why it wouldn’t be perfect for those messy playtimes but I’m open to your thoughts. …And for anyone wondering, this isn’t a sponsored post. I just thought the designs were AWESOME.