That Time We Bought & Sold A House in 48 Hours

That Time We Bought & Sold A House in 48 Hours

moving houseIt’s been a rollercoaster few days and for those who follow me on Instagram, thank you so much for all of your advice and positive vibes!

Last weekend I spotted a house on the market.

Not just any house. Our dream house on paper. Period property. Bags of room (as in 2,700 square feet). Over 80 feet of garden. Cellars. Garage. Sheds. Converted Attic. Doors away from the school we want our daughter to attend. I mean, it was incredible.

Not only was it a jaw-dropping property, but supported the lifestyle we want. I want to walk my daughter to school when the time comes. That school. We want to update a home and make it our own all over again, but not to the extent we did last time where we had to add all the basics like floors and windows.

It was everything we pictured for our forever home.

So we viewed it. We loved it. We made an offer.


It all happened so fast.

We were told explicitly that it would go fast and to be in with a chance of getting it, our own house should be on the market. So that’s what we did. We went home and put our house on the market with the explicit view that we would only sell for that house. We (prematurely) started getting excited about our new life – all within a matter of hours.

moving house quick

The funny thing is, we didn’t really think we’d get the house. There were 9 other offers made in the same price range. NINE.

Knowing that some other wannabe buyers from the open day wanted to develop the property into flats, I wrote a letter to the homeowner following some great advice on Instagram from the ever-lovely Simply The Nest, and told the owner just how loved that house would be if we lived there. We’d make it into a family home and cherish it to no end, with Luna making their blue shed into a doll house.

moving house

That letter won us the house despite not being the highest bidder. Our offer was accepted and we had to work fast.

As for our own home? We had offers within hours. In fact, we were made offers which were DOUBLE what we paid for it. A good, no wait, AMAZING achievement which was only accomplished through hard work and renovations since 2011 (might do a post on this in more detail if anyone is interested?)

I’m so so proud of what we’ve achieved and it puts us in a powerful position to buy our next adventure on the property ladder.

The ‘new house’ came with some concerns…and would stretch our budget to the point where we’d most certainly struggle for around 4 years.

Another factor, myself and Joe both start new jobs this month meaning we couldn’t 100% guarantee that our mortgage would go through, but we wouldn’t find out until we formally start legal proceedings, by then we would have accumulated a significant amount of cost. We were given a matter of hours to make a decision due to the competitive nature of houses in our area.

We did a lot of calculations. A bit of crying. Got really excited when we decided to go for it. And then crashed again when we decided that we’ve spent our 20s scrimping and saving, sacrificing holidays and weekends away, and we just don’t want to make our little girl miss out on the same.

Two days after the whole process began, we politely declined the dream house and removed ours from the market.

It was the hardest decision having to turn down your dream home when it’s so close in your grasp. But it was a bitter truth that it was the right house at the wrong time.

A huge thank you to everyone that was supportive to us, gave invaluable advice and asked how it was all going! We’ve made the decision that we will move soon to cash in on our house’s profit and to make sure our little girl stands the best chance with schools. But gosh I’ll miss this home!

  • Michelle Millar

    Wow, Karen! That’s quite the rollercoaster! I was thinking about you today and wondering whether you’d got it. I can only imagine how you feel, but you do know the right house at the right time will come along, and it will be AWESOME. Much love.

  • Old Fashioned Susie

    What a rollercoaster!! So sad but you’ve turned it into positive thoughts xxx

  • AnnaInternational

    Oh wow! What an incredible few days! So much emotion! But well done for making what you felt was the best choice for you, despite the dangling fruit of a new home to beautify, that can’t have been easy. Amazing to know just how much you’ve improved your current house too – and if you have more time when you put it on the market next time you can probably achieve even more! Huge pat on the back to you! x

  • maxine

    What a rollercoaster! I totally get what you mean about the scrimping and saving (the advice I would give myself in my 20s when it came to home buying….) you have to put your life before houses – sometimes

  • Rachel Newcombe

    Oh goodness, what an emotional time! It must be encouraging to know though that all your hard work on your house has been worth it and it could get a decent price if you do ever decide to sell. Shame about the dream house though.

  • Carole King

    Oh such a shame. But everything happens for a reason. Your dream house is just still out there somewhere. xx

  • Oh my goodness, Karen, what a whirlwind!! Oh darling, I’m so sorry you missed out but I promise there will be other fantastic houses and you’ll be ready! Big hugs xxx

  • Stacey Sheppard

    Oh my god. I felt like I was on an emotional roller-coaster just reading that so I can only imagine how you felt. You must have done an amazing job on your current home. And you will do the same on your dream home when the time is right. I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.

  • wow my love how intense this must have all been. I’m so sorry to hear you miss out on your dream home but the right time will come and you just wait – the dream house will be even better! Big Kiss xxx

  • Wow what an intense 48 hours! We did something recently when we moved six months ago, put an offer in a lovely flat in an expensive area, a bit over our budget, but then pulled out when we realised we could get more for our money if we looked elsewhere and got a project we could do up. Sometimes it’s good to go away and think about things, there can be a lot of emotions caught up in the process! x

  • Stephanie

    Oh what a busy 48 hours! At least it made you think hard about what you wanted, and well done on putting so much hard work into your house to increase the value. We would love to do that next step up, and like you cash in on the money we have made. However there are other things that make life choices important to, and I don’t want mine missing out on those lovely family things that kids will remember.

  • fabricofmylife

    Oh wow, what an emotional rollercoaster hun! I was all ready to be so excited for you but I totally understand your decision and in the long term I’m sure its the most sensible one you could have made, especially given you had no time at all to really consider everything – I always like to spend time mulling before making big decisions like this and the pressure can force you to make the wrong decision. Your dream home will come along at the right time, I’m sure – if my year long wait to move up to Manchester taught me anything, its that you have to go at your own pace and things will fall into place given a little patience (which is not really my forte!). Can’t wait to hear all about your experiences over coffee tomorrow xx

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