Dinnerware you’ll want to colour in

Dinnerware you’ll want to colour in

meld home dinnerware

Spring is SO close, I can feel it in the air!

I’m definitely more of a winter gal at heart, but there is something about those chilly get-ups with a glow of morning sun that gives me all the feels.

(Or maybe it’s the fact that I can finally rock my floral bomber jacket collection and not completely freeze to death!)
That being said, it’s the time of year when florals flourish in all aspects of our visual life – from fashion to furnishings.

Florals for spring

So if florals are your thing, I think you’re going to like the latest addition to my home!

The latest collection from homeware brand MeldHome is a nature-infused fine china and tableware collaboration with Mille Marotta. You might recognise the name, or even the designs, as Millie is one the leading illustrators behind the recent colouring book trend!

I’m not wholly surprised the colouring phenomenon has taken off. I’m always trying to persuade my little girl to sit down and colour, because it’s just as relaxing for me.

I think the designs are beautiful and truly versatile. They’ve got the right level of subtlety and neutrality but with pops of understated colour, so they should really complement any style you’ve got on your dinner table.

I personally think they’re too gorgeous to put food on and will probably end up displaying the plates on the wall. Take a look at the pieces that are being welcomed into my kitchen and let me know which is your favourite!

Serving Platter

Such an interesting shape! Available in 2 sizes: 35cm x 29cm RRP £26. 28cm x 23cm RRP £16

Millie Marotta, dinnerware


Jewel Moth and Peeping Bird Mugs

Most mugs are just shoved in the cupboard. These are far too pretty for that! Thankfully we have a mug tree so they’ll be getting pride of place on there. RRP £10 each.

Millie Marotta, dinnerware

Millie Marotta, dinnerware

Birds and Butterflies Plate Sets

Each plate has a different design which is why I think they’d be best displayed on the wall! Each plate has a diameter of 20.3 cm and the set of four are packaged in a gift box. RRP £25

Millie Marotta, dinnerware

Millie Marotta, dinnerware


Dipping Bowls

This set of 3 dipping bowls comes gift boxed at £22. A standard size at 11cm wide. I love that they’re all different in design, giving them a real feel of ‘handmade’.

Millie Marotta, dinnerware

Millie Marotta, dinnerware

You can view the full range HERE and next time you pop out for a new adult colouring book, treat yourself to the matching dinnerware.

Which one is your favourite? Colouring in dinner party anyone?

  • Old Fashioned Susie

    These are lovely! Also a big fan of colouring here! Have a fab weekend

  • Rachel Newcombe

    Yes, I’m up for a colouring in dinner party! They are all lovely designs and remind me of Millie’s designs that I have coloured in.

  • wow what detail?! Lovely

  • Sandy N Vyjay

    I loved thee serving platter, the intricate designs look so beautiful! I am a floral person and I loved all your new additions. The bowls and mugs have an extremely beautiful design.

  • With mandalas and adult coloring books being on the rise in popularity, these bowls and plates would make INCREDIBLE gifts! I can already think of a few friends that would like these. The detailing is so gorgeous.

  • Oh my gosh I love these! I so hope they are available in the US too. I know a few people who would love to receive this as a gift, including myself!

  • Censie ‘Mumby’ Sawyer

    Oh my! I just had to show this to my husband. I want these so bad. Totally on my wish list now. So creative and fun! Adults need to have fun with coloring too!

  • I have to admit i had not heard of Mille morata before but now I know and I so want the entire collection. It is so gorgeous and I love all the pieces. Let’s home it makes it across the pond soon. I need a nice new gift!!

  • Oh my word!! I absolutely LOVE this!!!! I love to cook, and I love to colour! What a unique way to bring some creativity into the kitchen! I want these NOW!

  • How amazingly fun is this!?!? I could see having a full on dinner party just to color in everything with friends and family. Love this!!!

  • Lindsay McKenzie

    Whaaat! I am obsessed. I never knew this existed. What an awesome gift idea too. I could see it being a fun girls night activity to do with friends and wine – just something different. A relaxing activity to enjoy with friends. Also maybe a way to get your kiddos to enjoy dinnertime…eating off something they colored! 🙂


  • Tamara Bowman

    Shut up and take my money!! *Throws money dramatically and holds out hands for prize* This is the coolest thing I have seen in a while. I ADORE coloring and I seriously love unique dishes. The shape of these is seriously the neatest.

  • Now this is awesome. I love coloring as it is so relaxing. However, I probably shouldn’t purchase this with young kids as I don’t want them to confuse coloring on normal dinnerware with these. That would be a disaster lol.