Independent Interiors: NONSENSE

Independent Interiors: NONSENSE


Don’t you just love stumbling across somewhere and it turns out to be your new favourite place?

That happened to me this weekend.

NONSENSE Concept Store is a little shop and coffee spot in Prestwich, Manchester which Joe passed one day and thought of me. He actually messaged me something along the lines of: “I’ve just passed this place I think you’ll love. It’s got loads of plants and sh*t”

Ha. He wasn’t wrong. Let me give you a little intro as to why I liked it so much.

It’s absolute #PLANTGOALS

If you want to green up your gaff, you can’t find anywhere better. Even my local garden centres are just garbage in comparison to the variety in NONSENSE. Want pre-potted succulents? You got it. After some more exotic, large centrepieces? Check. And how about hanging planters? The very Instagrammable string of pearls? They’re all here. I imagine the stock will change with each visit but that’s what I like about little independent businesses. It’s always a different experience.

Nonsense Interiors ManchesterNonsense Interiors Manchester

Nonsense Interiors ManchesterNonsense Interiors Manchester

Nonsense Interiors Manchester

Nonsense Interiors Manchester

It’s a family business

Joe and I chatted to the owner who was SUPER friendly. After he spotted me admiring the living wall, he told me that it was created by his wife! It was crystal clear she was a fellow plant lady and proud, with a real talent for the leafy look. He told us how she’d made the huge hanging plant complete with moss ball using Japanese techniques to keep it alive. I won’t pretend to know what these methods are, but needless to say it’s clearly a passion, and I love that this couple just want to share it with others!

Nonsense Interiors Manchester

Nonsense Interiors Manchester


I tried SO hard to support local businesses when I was on maternity leave as my interest in interiors amplified being at home so much. However, one hurdle kept stopping me – the pram. It is incredibly unusual to find a small business that you can wander around with a buggy. Nowadays the problem is that Luna wants to touch EVERYTHING. Or climb shelves and displays. So shopping is still no easier. But with NONSENSE…  there was a chalkboard wall, a little kiddy table for colouring or eating, and a reading corner with bean bag and building blocks. Not only does this make for a really lovely outing for Luna, but it means I can have a wander and shop, knowing that she’s safe and occupied. Ingenious. Oh, and they make a mean cup of coffee. All mums will understand just how rare it is to get a warm brew.

Nonsense Interiors Manchester

Nonsense Interiors Manchester

Nonsense Interiors Manchester

Homeware that made me fuzzy inside

And of course, because it wouldn’t be one of my posts without some interiors somewhere – what a beautiful collection. Some ‘hook’ shelves from Hay really caught my eye (going back after payday) and the children’s toys were stunning (I love that traditional wooden toys are making a comeback). We came away with a pear nightlight by A Little Lovely Company and I was eyeing up the Buddy & Bear plates and egg cups – something we really need to stock up on. In fact, without me listing everything, there was just an overall freshness about the variety in stock which I hope my pictures give justice to

Nonsense Interiors Manchester
Nonsense Interiors Manchester

Nonsense Interiors Manchester
Nonsense Interiors Manchester

So there you have it. A weekend where I just stumbled onto somewhere fabulous! Do let me know if you pop in and what you think. I’m always on the hunt for stores like this which are child-friendly so do let me know if you have any recommendations in and around Manchester.

You can find more info about the store at their website –

Nonsense Interiors Manchester

*Not sponsored in ANY way. I just bloody loved it.

  • Lucy

    I absolutely love plants! This post has inspired me to buy more..
    Sounds like a great weekend xx

    • Hooray! You can never have too many x

  • Carole King

    I’m very envious. Manchester seems to be getting all the good shops. It all looks lovely. And especially the indoor plants.

    • Thanks Carole – I feel like I’m only just starting to discover them to be honest!

  • Karen

    What a fab find. Love places like that, that just get it. I hope you walked out with a string of pearls plant. Did you??

    • Hahaha KAREN – that is exactly what I came out with! It’s like we’re one mind 😉 x

  • Wow it’s like a plant lover’s wet dream haha! Totally up my street. Yes. Please.

  • fabricofmylife

    Oh it looks fabulous Karen – especially all those plants! Plus it does great coffee? Win win 🙂

    • I know! It’d been days since I’d had a hot coffee haha

  • This looks so quirky I love it! I have very few plants in my house I feel a visit is needed.

    Keeley x

  • Hungry_Healthy_Happy

    I haven’t heard of this place before, but I am definitely going to check it out. I really love the space for kids.

  • Wow this looks like the perfect shop. Shame it is so far away cx

  • Oh this place looks great!! Definitely one I need to add to my list to visit. My local garden centres leave a LOT to be desired!! xx

  • Geraldine

    What a beautiful concept store. Will have to visit it if I’m in Manchester x