Budapest’s Love Affair With Yellow

Budapest’s Love Affair With Yellow

Budapest Yellow

Happy New Year you beautiful lot.

As it’s normally a little gloomy returning to work at this time of year, I thought I’d kick off 2017 by spreading a little joy.

Back in November, I travelled to Budapest. Just for a few days, but it was enough to reignite my love for travel – one I’d supressed for a long time whilst we paid for renovations, a wedding and maternity leave.

What a beautiful city to choose for a minibreak away, for just me and Joe. The architecture is a cross of Medieval, Neo-Gothic and Art Nouveau, so visually it was simply stunning – and the fact that Hungary seems to be a country of restoring and cherishing rather than knocking down and rebuilding, also ensured that it was a city completely bursting with colour.

With one colour in particular cropping up EVERYWHERE – yellow.

Perhaps it’s just the route that we took. Perhaps there is a deeper connection of yellow for Hungarians that I just don’t know about. But it was around every corner, and plastered all over homes.

If colour psychology tells us anything, it’s that’s yellow is the colour of happiness, of confidence and of optimism, so it felt reasonably appropriate for my first post of the New Year.

One of my resolutions is to travel more – particularly with Luna and get her on her first plane. Below are some of the loveliest pops of yellow I stumbled across in Budapest which I hope all of you colour lovers out there will enjoy.

Budapest City Park outside of Vajdahunyad CastleBudapest Yellow
Apartments in Downtown Budapest
Budapest YellowBudapest Yellow
Budapest Yellow
Margaret Bridge
Budapest Yellow
Budapest’s Great Market Hall
Budapest Yellow
Budapest’s Keleti railway stationBudapest Yellow
The Budapest AirBnb we stayed inBudapest Yellow
Local Business in the Castle Hill district
Budapest Yellow
Budapest Parliament lit up at night. Photo taken from a river cruiseBudapest Yellow
Even our suitcase matched the theme, with the yellow cabs and deep yellow trams. Look at that handsome fella of mine as we leave the city. Picture taken outside the Great Market Hall (*swoons over gingerbread roof*)

Budapest Yellow

So here’s to 2017. What do you have planned for the year? And where should I visit?

  • Christine & Jan

    Our resolution a few year ago was to travel more and I’m so glad we did! With us buying our new home this year we won’t be able to travel much for a while although I’ve just been looking at booking a trip to Budapest 😉 Do you think it’s worth visiting in winter or are we better off waiting till the weather improves?

    • Ahh but it’ll be so exciting getting into your new place! I absolutely think it’s worth visiting. The views are amazing. Even when we went to the top of castle hill, it was a little overcast but still the view was stunning. It was definitely cold but I wouldn’t think it’s much different from Berlin 🙂 Plus, the public transport is good and there are bars everywhere so always places to stop off for a drink xx

  • Budapest looks amazing and anywhere that features lots of yellow is a place for me! I love that you’re planning to travel more this year, I know that Luna will appreciate the experience too. (even though she might not realise it just yet!) I would definitely recommend a trip to Rotterdam and Dublin for some quick and reasonably priced adventures and of course Wales as it is so nearby and filled with places to explore! As for my plans, I’m going to get some house stuff finished and continue with my travels, adventures and urban wandering fun! See where things take me really 😀 Happy New Year to you and your family and I look forward to your travel adventures in 2017! Xx

    • Aw thanks so much for your comment hun. I think travelling will be an adventure in itself haha! Briliant suggestions, thanks! Dublin is definitely on our radar but hadn’t thought about Rotterdam so will check it out 🙂 xx

  • Yellow is really growing on me. Fun fact: I used to be in the Yellow team/house at primary school. You & Alice are really making me want to visit Budapest! I think we’re going to head to Amsterdam for my birthday in March though x

    • DO IT. Would totally recommend Budapest, and we’re certainly going to return, next time in the warmer months 🙂 Amsterdam is awesome too though and good to go sooner rather than later, as I hear they’re shutting down a lot of places! x

  • Budapest is gorgeous and you should visit other Easter European countries I am sure you would love it! xx

    • That’s the plan 🙂 Hoping to explore a lot more of the untapped eastern europe over the next few years!

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