7 Subscription Boxes For Interiors Geeks

7 Subscription Boxes For Interiors Geeks

interiors subscription boxDo you have a friend who is always dragging you around the homeware stores “just to have a look”?

Well, I’m afraid I’m one of those – GUILTY AS CHARGED.

And I know how hard we can be to buy for, not just at Christmas, but all year around. However, I’ve done a bit of shopping around and decided that there is plenty out there for any budget and even any deadline. Yes even this close to Christmas if you’re reading only a week before the big day.

Y’see subscriptions boxes are the perfect last minute Christmas pressie for someone like me. The past few years it’s mostly been an industry saturated by beauty products which, until they make a cruelty-free one, isn’t going to float my boat.

This year, after a bit of digging, I’m starting to see more and more niches establish their own subscription services each month – with a buttload of choices for those who love homewares, interiors or for those who just need a creative outlet.

Personally for me, it’s also a great present all year round, because who doesn’t love a bit of post now and then that ISN’T a boring old bit of spammy nonsense?

So read on to find out my top picks. I’ve included their package costs (most of which can be gifted) and where to get them. 

(BTW none of them I’ve trialled myself so please do let me know in the comments what you think if you’re already a subber so I know which ones to try first!)

GeoFleur’s #PlantPostClub

Plant Subscription from Geo FleurImage Source: Instagram tag #plantpostclub

What is it?

Plant Post Club is a plant subscription service brought to you by Geo-Fleur, a specialist in beautiful geometric homewares and botanical styling. Subscribers receive a monthly surprise package of plants or plant-related accessories. Plant subscriptions boxes are dispatched in the first 2 weeks of every month. I mean, you can never have too many cacti or succulents, right?

How much does it cost?

1 Month – £24 | 3 Months – £60 | 6 Months – £120 | 12 Months – £200

Where do I sign up?



Not Another BillHomewares subscription box

Image Source: Instagram tag: #notanotherbill

What is it?

Not Another Bill is another ‘surprise’ subscription package. You don’t know exactly what you’re going to get but you get to elect your interests up front. The fact that homewares is one of the choices makes me think it would be a fab one for interiors geeks, and it’d be a great way to discover new artists, brands or designers.

How much does it cost?

1 Month – £24 | 3 Months – £69 | 6 Months – £129 | 12 Months = £229

Where do I sign up?



Bloom & WildFlower subscription box

Image Source: Instagram tag #bloomandwild

What is it?

Many will already know about this brand because of their ingenious idea to send bouquets in a way that will fit through your letterbox. UH-MAZING. Now they’ve joined the subscription brigade with a monthly bouquet of flowers. You pick the flowers you want and then they get sent to you on a regular basis. Easy! You can even get them sent weekly or fortnightly if you’re a hardcore flower fanatic, and they also do a mini letterbox option. They’ve thought of everything.

How much does it cost?

1 Month – £15 | 3 Months – £50 | 6 Months – £95 | 12 Months – £185

Where do I sign up?


PapergangStationery subscription from Ohh Deer

Image Source: Instagram tag #thepapergang

What is it?

A must-have for stationery lovers, Papergang is a product of Ohh Deer – one of my fave brands when it comes to greetings cards and unusual pressies thanks to their specialism in quirky illustrations. Their subscription box centres around a different artist or theme each month and is filled with the likes of greeting cards, notebooks, desk accessories or art prints.

How much does it cost?

1 Month – £9.95 | 3 Months – £29 | 6 Months – £56 | 12 Months – £109.95

Where do I sign up?


Crafty Creatives

craft creativesImage Source: Instagram tag #paperhaul

What is it?

Self-professed as the subscription for creative people, Craft Creatives offer three types of subscription; One for jewellery making, another for makers and crafters, and then there’s the #PAPERHAUL which is ”for the stationery addict”. Offering postcards, notecards, wrapping papers, washi tapes and fun stickers, it’s definitely a good pressie for someone who never likes their home office to look empty or boring. Each month the box of goodies are co-ordinated and often featuring up and coming illustrators to help support lesser known names which is a nice touch.

How much does it cost?

1 Month – £10 + P&P depending on location. This subscription continues until cancelled on a monthly basis.

Where do I sign up?


The Melt Crowd

Flamingo Candles subscription box
Image Source: Instagram tag #themeltcrowd

What is it?

We couldn’t very well have an interiors based subscription list without candles now could we? Sent by Flamingo Candles, who are UK-based and use natural soy wax, the Melt Crowd subscription contains 8 scent melts, and if you don’t have a wax burner, they send one for free with your first subscription.  Each month you get new scents with many new collection previews and the boxes fit through your letterbox so no trips to the post office if you miss delivery. Winner.

How much does it cost?

1 Month – £10.
You can select how many months you’d like to subscribe for at the checkout, which I think is a nice touch.

Where do I sign up?


Prudence and the Crow

Vintage book subscriptionImage Source: Instagram tag #prudenceandthecrow

What is it?

A vintage book subscription box –  I really love this idea! Whether you want some special coffee table books or just want something a little less polished for your home shelfie, I bet you’d get a kick out of seeing some of your favourite reads in one of their original formats. You choose your genre, and then receive a vintage paperback (which is picked by hand to match your preferences), a handmade book bag as well as other related surprises.

How much does it cost?

1 Month – £15 | 3 Months – £45 | 6 Months – £90 | 12 Months – £180

Where do I sign up?


So there are my top picks! Please do let me know your experiences if you’re already subscribed, and if I’ve missed any cracking ones out, I want to hear all about it! I’ll be trialling many of them in 2017 and I want to try the best of the best. Happy subscribing everyone!

P.S Prices have been found on the websites listed above and are correct as of December 2016. This is NOT endorsed by any of the above. I’m just addicted to online window shopping!

  • Karen

    What a great list! There’s a couple here I wouldn’t mind myself. I’m also a nightmare to buy for. I think people are actually a little bit afraid to buy me anything anymore 🙁 A subscription is a great idea!x

    • Thanks Karen! I must admit, I was half making a list for myself really, but figured others might find it useful too. Totally selfish of me haha! x

  • maxine

    So many choices! Such a great post.

    • Thanks Maxine. I think I’m going to get ordering in the New Year! x

  • OH MY DAYS. I’d heard of Bloom + Wild but all the rest are completely new to me and, I think I want them all. Top of the list is the cactus and stationary boxes though <3

    • Glad you found some new ones 🙂 Let me know if you try any! x

  • Emma Louise Ryan

    I’ve heard of Bloom & Wild too but never actually bought any- They look amazing too!

    Since buying a new house this Winter I’m obsessed with interior.So, I’ll have to have a nosy at all of these xx

    • Definitely Emma! At least most of them you can just try for one month and if it isn’t right for you, you haven’t lost much!

  • Rachel Newcombe

    Oh my, the Crafty Creatives one sounds rather lovely! Might be tempted in the New Year.

  • These all look great! For Londoners looking for a last minute gift for a plant lover, check out our Terrarium workshops at https://www.jarandfern.co.uk/workshops . We run guests through the fascinating history of these self-watering indoor gardens and provide them with all the equipment and guidance needed to make their own.

  • Lotte Brouwer

    Yes Yes YES! Love all of these. Yes to all of the above. Hope it’s not too late for me to drop some hints with the family 😉 Hope you have a lovely Christmas, xx Lotte (http://yespleaseblog.co/)