UK Blog Hop: Our Festive Felt Family Christmas

UK Blog Hop: Our Festive Felt Family Christmas

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If you’re new around these parts and arriving from Ana Mum Diary, HELLO. You’re very welcome here. Grab a cuppa and expect lots of chatter and mish-mash decorating attempts.

Let me start by telling you how proud I am to be a part of this group of 20+ interiors bloggers – the first of its kind over here in the UK and organised by one of my all time fave blogger babes, Kimberly from Swoon Worthy.

Each day, a handful of us have let you into our humble abode and given you a taste of what Christmas looks like. And ho ho holy moly there have been some stunning images this week with something different each day, from all varieties of taste and lifestyle – I’d strongly recommend reading your way through either on the hashtag #UKHOMEBLOGHOP or from all the blogger’s links at the bottom of this post.

So today is my turn and it’s the 5th and final day. I’m a little nervous to show you my house at Christmas as the other lot are a tough act to follow but if anything looks below par, I’ll gladly blame my 2 year old. Messy little thing… onto the tour!

Family Christmas Decor
Family Christmas Decor
Family Christmas Decor

What do you think of my hallway? I can’t wait to blog it in the New Year when we’ve finished the redecorating, but for now it sits draped in twinkly lights and colourful felt garlands. It’s a really fun and festive entrance to our home, and I love my new chum – my nutcracker who we’ve named Noy, brought back from the Hamburg Christmas Markets only last week.

We’ve actually got little nods to Christmas all around the house – santa legs on our dining table, christmas cactus in the kitchen, stockings in the bedrooms – but for today what I really want to show you is our family room; the lounge.

Family Christmas Decor
Family Christmas Decor
Family Christmas Decor
Family Christmas Decor


Knitted Christmas tree ornament – €3 from Idee (recently found in Germany). Felt Christmas tree – £10 from John Lewis. Felt Robin figure – gifted. Felt star garland – £12 from TK Maxx. Christmas Tree scented candle – £3.99 from TK Maxx. Santa cookie jar – gifted. Hanging pom pom decoration – handmade by Alma Makes

Whilst I’d love to have one of those rooms where everything is nicely paired, we do a lot of Christmas ornament gifting in our huge family, so even if it looks a bit bonkers (because it sits alongside our ever growing collection of dinosaurs) I always look for ways to show them off around the house.

I must say, it’s at this time of year that I truly miss having a fireplace. We don’t have any in our little semi-detached sadly and we miss out bigtime on not having a mantel. Instead, I use my upcycled orange dresser. In the dark days of Winter, the berry light garland which we dangle on top gives the whole room a really Christmassy glow.

Other favourite bits of this room include the off-center lightbox letters. I know it will drive a lot of you MAD, but Luna couldn’t reisist separating them so I just keep them a little squiffy now as her contribution to the decorating. And in the santa dish? That’s where we keep the decorations she’s taken off the tree, ready to put straight back on after she’s gone to bed. All parents of a toddler will feel this pain!

Family Christmas Decor
Family Christmas Decor
Family Christmas Decor
Family Christmas Decor

Family Christmas Decor

Lightbox – £15 from The Range. Dainty star light garland – £1.99 from Primark. Colour wooden trees – £14 from Etsy seller Lindsay Interiors. Mini Christmas tree – Asda George. Santa dish – gifted. Winter Wonderland glass frame – £2 – B&M Bargains.

And now to our tree. It’s a fake if you’re wondering, but I don’t mind. The pine candles we have around the room are the perfect way to fake it. All of the ornaments on our tree are special. I did treat myself last year to some gold ribbon from Marks and Spencer which I’ve used to tie bows. I also love our multipack of gold baubles – a range of glitter and disco balls, because WHY NOT.

And the rest? Well, they tell a story of us. Our little unit. We’ve added some felt figures for 2016 with a gingerbread for Luna, a cactus and a pom pom for me and a comic book stuffed felt dangling for Joe – all from Paperchase. We also have plenty of ornaments from every Christmas Market we’ve been fortunate to visit with recent additions from New York, Berlin, Hamburg and of course, Manchester. Only last week I added this gorgeous little handcarved train to our collection – a souvenir for my little girl. I think that one day when she leaves home, I’ll put them away for her to decorate with when the time comes.

Family Christmas Decor
Family Christmas Decor
Family Christmas Decor
Family Christmas Decor
Family Christmas Decor

There she is, the love of my life reaching for the “choo choo”.

So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed the sneaky peak into my house at Christmas. I know it’s completely bonkers and it’s never going to be the kind you see in the interiors mags, but it’s a perfect representation of us. If you like what you see, you’ll find more of the same on my Twitter and Instagram.

Otherwise, it’s time to hop onto the next blogger. Go and take a peek A Beautiful Space featuring some scrumptious looking Christmas cookies.

The full list of bloggers is below if you’d like to revisit any of the festive cheer. Have a wonderful Christmas you bloody lovely lot. Don’t forget to make it your own.



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  • Ahh your decor is just so cute and colourful!! I love the decor on the dresser (the lightbox made me laugh) and all the cute decorations that have stories behind them 🙂 Also loving that pic with Luna reaching for her choo-choo!! Bless her!! Thanks so much for taking part in the hop my dear! xxx

    • Thanks hun! Thanks so much for having me involved 🙂 I’m a soppy buggar – most things in the house have meaning xx

  • TheGidders1

    Oh I’m with you, it should be eclectic at Christmas and reflect the whole family! Amanda – The Ana Mum Diary

    • Thanks Ana! I thought everyone would think it looked mental but I’m so pleased how well our bonkers home has been received 🙂

  • Carole King

    It’s lovely that your decs are for everyone in the family. That’s the way it should be. There’s enough time when the kids are grown to start coordinating haha. x

    • Thanks Carole – totally agree! Just gotta wait about 16 more years until I get to decorate it really swanky haha x

  • This is lovely, so many gorgeous and cosy details. I love the cactus! Have a great day. x

  • Vicki Tee

    Such a warm homely theme. I love the little nods to the past, we used to make felt decorations for the tree when we were kids. It’s a lovely theme. Loving the blue lights too.

  • Rachel Newcombe

    It’s all looking lovely! I really like the felt decorations – I was so, so tempted to buy a felt wreath and garland this year, but had already spent my budget…maybe next year.

  • Stephanie

    I love the decorations on your tree, and the pom poms! I like that you have Christmas decs in lots of different places, I want to start growing our Christmas collection so I can put things in different rooms too.

  • Karen

    What a lovely post Karen. Everything about this post if you. Love your chrimbo vibe. We all need more cacti in our lives! And the off centre letter are actually very in right now. Like it!x

    • Seasons In Colour

      totally agree 🙂

  • Seasons In Colour

    And where is the wire pink dinosaur from? !! Like that!
    Merry Christmas!

  • Old Fashioned Susie

    Oh this feels like walking into Santas grotto!

  • Bianca Hall

    I finally made it! I keep having to pick up the trail again – determined to make it to the end today! It looks beautiful! And every tree should have a cactus right? Love that a dinosaur got in on the action too. I can’t let my kids see this, or they’ll realise what a house should look like at Christmas, and how badly I’ve let them down with just a tree so far! Ha! Lovely work. Xx

    • Haha aw thanks Biance. You’ve not let them down at all. And I’ll let you in on a secret… I had the dinosaurs LONG before I had a baby haha xx

  • Caro Davies

    Aah this is lovely Karen — such gorgeous pictures!! Love the felt garland especially!! So gutted I’m never asked to do these things!!! Would love to be part of such a fab blog hop — I always seem to be totally off the radar — maybe I should move up to Manchester!! LOL!! Wishing you a very merry Christmas — look forward to seeing you for more #HomeEtc next year!! xx

    • Thanks so much hun! And thanks for all the hard work you’ve put into #HomeEtc this year. It’s been fun to play along. Maybe you should host a blog hop for the participants 🙂 I’ll co-host! 😉 xx

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