How to DIY a Marble Window Sill

How to DIY a Marble Window Sill

DIY marble window sill

With Luna’s birthday as well as Christmas approaching, Joe and I woke up one day and decided that our hallway was a bit scruffy looking and needed a refresh.

I say refresh, but what I mean is we’ve practically redecorated it. I’ll be doing a full blog post on this soon but one feature that’s done and making me smile each day is our marble window sills.

You see, we’ve only just invested in UPVC windows in the hallway – only took us 5 years to save up! The condensation from the older windows had damaged the window sills – not so much that they needed replacing, but to the point where we just couldn’t get them to look nice again, no matter how much sanding and glossing we treated them to.

We’re on a budget so decided to try out some “Marble effect white self adhesive film” from B&Q, also known as sticky back plastic. Y’know, the kind of stuff that British kids had to cover their school notebooks in during the 90s? I believe it’s called contact paper in the States.

So let’s see how it turned out…

Below is a “Before” picture, taken shortly after we’d painted the walls a gorgeous deep green.

DIY marble window sill

Pretty boring right? Nothing special.

The “adhesive film” comes in a roll so firstly we laid it out a little to try and flatten the pattern slightly. (Note: We chose a darker marble pattern but it’s also available in the popular Carerra lighter shade).

We measured the surface area of our 2 window sills, making sure to account for the curved edges, and then cut the shapes. Thankfully, there is a grid on the back of the film making it extra easy to get a good cut even when you’re using regular old kitchen scissors.

DIY marble window sill

DIY marble window sill

Rather than cutting to the exact measurement, after a bit of fiddling we found it was best to overcompensate on the size and then remove the excess once the main surface area is stuck down. If you’ve ever used sticky back plastic before, or used double-sided tape, wallpapered or used a wall decal – it’s all very familiar.

Start on one side and make sure the pattern lines up where you want it to go.

Then smooth it out. (Turns out, we didn’t even need to lay it down for so long. Once it’s stuck, you don’t see any curves.) Gradually, pull off the backing from underneath and use whatever you want to ensure that the film sticks to its surface without bubbling. Similar to using a brush with wallpapering, but in this instance I found it so easy to work with, my hands did the job just fine. A ruler would work well too if you have one knocking about!

Once everything was smooth and we were happy with it, we took a knife to score the edges. We lost our stanley knife (RIP Stanley) so a regular sharp knife was used.

DIY marble window sill

DIY marble window sill

This was so so easy to do that I’d say it could actually be done in about 10 minutes. It took us a little longer because we were indecisive and a bit nervous about the change but it was simple all the same!

I will say that the edges didn’t look as neat as I wanted them to despite doing a really precise cut, so we added a bit of caulking on the edge where wall met the faux marble, and now it looks seamless.

Sure, it’s not going to have that lovely cold smooth feeling of legit marble, but who goes around stroking windowsills anyway?

(And if anyone asks, it’s real okay? Mum’s the word.)

The sheen against the natural light certainly tricks the mind when you see it across the room, it’s completely wipeable which makes it great for kid’s surfaces (watch out Luna’s room!), and if you don’t like it anymore you can just peel it off.

Oh, and did I mention it only cost me a FIVER. That’s right, a roll of adhesive marble will cost you a whopping £5. Not a bad price for a mini makeover eh?

So that’s it! I’m loving how the room is turning out – full reveal coming as soon as I tidy up! – What do you think? BRB whilst I marble ALL THE THINGS.

DIY marble window sill

DIY marble window sill

DIY marble window sill

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  • Karen

    That looks great! What a fab idea. Looking forward to seeing your new hallway soon!x

    • Thanks lovely! Can’t wait to show it off 🙂 x

  • This is amazing, what a great idea! I might try it on my bathroom shelf. Have a great weekend. x

    • Aw thanks hun! Yeah I think it would be great in a bathroom actually – especially if you use a sealant so you don’t get moisture underneath. Let me know if you do – I’d love to see it! x

  • Old Fashioned Susie

    You are so clever! What a great idea- very innovative

  • I would honestly never have thought to use this on window sills but it looks amazing! GO YOU. Definitely maybe copying this for my bathroom.

    • Thanks BAE! <3
      Yes try it out for sure! Can't go wrong for a fiver so might as well give it a shot 🙂

  • Stephanie

    I used this stuff to give my dressing table a faux marble top and love it! I swear i had to sit on my hands to stop be plonking it on every flat surface I own haha! Never thought about doing the window sill and now I have plans haha!!

    • haha I’m the same! I’ve already marbled my dresser top. OOOOPS 😉 x

  • Trace Barrett

    Oh, I really like this. It looks like proper marble & everything.

    • Thank you! You can definitely tell it’s not legit but luckily most of my guests require glasses so I think I’ll getr away with it 😉 x

  • Brilliant idea. I need to get some of that marble sticky back plastic too. x

    • Absolutely! I got mine from B&Q but it’s also on Amazon. They replicate lots of other materials too so lots of room to experiment 🙂

  • Carole King

    What a difference! Now I’m wondering where I can start sticking marble sticky back plastic too….x

    • Thanks Carole! Oh I’m the same. Already ‘marbled’ my dresser haha!

  • katyatapartmentapothecary

    Very clever! I want some! x

  • Pure Nourish

    This looks amazing! I’ve just upcycled with sticky back too, like you say it’s so handy with kids around too. I’m definitely going to give the marble look a try for my living room. Thanks for the tip. X

  • Liz Clarke

    This stuff is amazing! I redecorated my kitchen with it. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to use and how classy and smart it looks. Fab idea for the window sill, it looks brilliant

  • Haha, I’ve not done this but I have suggested it to people who want a different backdrop to their blog photos. It’s amazing the difference it can make!

  • Jamie H

    Hey there, I know you are going to do a full blog on your hallway (can’t wait to read it) but I am dying to know what paint you have used? It’s gorgeous and it’s the exact shade I want for my bedroom but I’m not having any luck with the tester pots I’ve chosen so far 🙁 I genuinley hate picking paint because the colour in my head never matches what I can find, so any help would be so much appreciated…..I’m losing my life traipsing round DIY stores!

  • Caro Davies

    That is AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Like old fashioned Fablon? But with a really cool pattern!! I think I’m going to have to invest in some — might try doing our revolting kitchen worktops — they really couldn’t look any worse that they do at the mo!! 😉 LOVE IT!! #HomeEtc


    Love it, they look absolutely fab. You really would never know. Looks gorgeous with the green #HomeEtc