Add to Basket – September 2016 with Vertbaudet

Add to Basket – September 2016 with Vertbaudet

scandi kids bedroom vertbaudet

It’s been a washout Summer for the most part, but my little girl loves to splash in puddles so it’s not been all bad.

We bought her a new pair of wellies from Vertbaudet because these kids always seem to need new shoes… They’re super cute and change colour when they get wet which Luna LOVES (in fact, can I get away with them too d’ya think?) and after a bit of online window shopping, it turns out they have a really good homeware section, too!

We’ve been umming and aahing for ages whether Luna is ready for a bigger bedroom, and I feel like she’s just going to wake up one day and have outgrown her box room. So with that in mind, I’m trying to get prepared and find some solid ideas for her next bedroom and how it’s going to look.

So without me babbling on for much longer, Vertbaudet are my brand of the month for my Add To Basket series where I pick my favourite items from their newest range. Below are my top 5 picks from their children’s bedroom collection, where I found SO many cute ideas. Let me know which is your favourite!

Bear Wall Trophy

I’m such a sucker for animal-related interiors. I think one day I’m going to end up living in some sort of felt-zoo, and you know what? I’d be okay with it as long as this bear wall trophy was part of the mix. I think it’d be lovely in a nursery.

Vertbaudet Polar Bear Wall Mount

Polar Bear Shaped Rug

See what I mean? Animal. Obsessed. My little girl has got a habit of lying down on her front with a book and reading to her bear. Either that or trying to show her teddy how to colour in. It’s adorable. I could 100% picture her doing the same with this polar bear rug.

Vertbaudet Polar Bear Rug

Wooden House pendant Light

I love this pendant light – I’ve not personally seen anything like it from anywhere else, so that’s always a bonus for me! I’m not normally a huge fan of the ‘natural’ wood look, but I think paired with an oversized bulb, it looks really quite modern. The little green trees make it really sweet, too and definitely a good find for the scandi lovers out there.

Vertbaudet wooden house pendant light

Floor Cushions

I’ve been eyeing these up for months for Luna’s reading corner in our lounge. I can just imagine snuggling up together reading bedtime stories on the floor. Such a cracking idea! I personally love the denim blue colour they have, and the white version with black and gold flecks. We don’t have the room for anything like this in her current room. More incentive to move her to a bigger space if you ask me. *buys ALL the cushions*

Vertbaudet floor cushion

Curved shelves

We’ve found box shelves SO useful for Luna’s nursery; for the baby monitor, room thermometer, piggy banks, and general trinkets and gifts that we want to proudly show off. But when I was pregnant and decorating her room I couldn’t find curved ones anywhere. Now, I’ve finally found them! Better late than never.

Vertbaudet curved box shelves

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  • Sarah Irving

    Oh wow, there is some absolutely gorgeous stuff there! I love, love, love, the house light too. And the cushions too. I could certainly see my friends with kids really liking these too. Great choices! 🙂

    • Thanks Sarah! Really cute aren’t they? I’m thinking they’d be great for the home, even for adults. Why should kids get all the cute stuff? Haha x

  • The White Approach

    Lovely images and clearly a great choice available . I love that House light, makes me wish I had a little girl.

    • They do have a great selection! Always good to discover new brands. I smell a shopping spree 🙂 x

  • Old Fashioned Susie

    Oooh I never knew they did homewares!! Great choices!

    • I know! We’ve made an order for clothes already but I think the next one is going to be interiors. Watch this space for a haul haha x

  • Rachel Newcombe

    Some lovely ideas! The polar bear rug is cute and I would have loved those floor cushions as a child.

    • Absolutely! Although I think the floor cushions would be great now too haha Tempted to get one to sit on the floor and do my make up! x



    • Isn’t it adorable? I’m a sucker for this kinda decor x

  • maxine

    It has to be the rug doesn’t it – for the little ones in my life. And the house light for me…..well only fair

  • So cute! The teddy bear rug is fab x

    • It’s brill! Everyone’s positive comments are making me think I just HAVE to buy it 😉 x

  • fabricofmylife

    OMG – this is all so cute! I never look at kid’s stuff so wouldn’t have a clue where to start but as my friends are starting to have babies its great to know where to look for unusual gifts for the nursery 🙂

  • From Day Dot

    These images are gorgeous! I love the mint green colours and the wooden house pendant light is really cute #HomeEtc

    • Lovely isn’t it? If only I had more lights to justify buying it! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  • Island Living 365

    Ahhh I want so much of this for the kids’ room! The bear rug, the cushions are so clever and the wonderful shelves! 🙂 #HomeETC

    • Yay glad you like them! Go and buy. If I can’t have them, someone should haha 🙂

  • Julia Bryson

    I love Vertbaudet children’s interiors, and it’s always good quality too. Really love the house pendant light although I wouldn’t want to bang my head on it! 🙂 #HomeEtc

    • That’s so good to know it’s nice quality. I’m really impressed with the quality of the girls clothes so far, so it was only a matter of time before I was let loose in the Home section!

  • Stacey Sheppard

    The house light is my favourite, like you say it’s pretty unique as I’ve not seen a light like that before. The cushions are great too. Perfect for a reading nook. My girls would love that.

    • Absolutely! Most kids might not welcome the restraints of a chair – great alternative to snuggle and have a read x

  • Elena

    OMG all these look super cute. I must admit Vertbaudet is not a brand I ever look at, I thought they did mainly clothes, didn’t realise they had stuff for the home, so will need to check them out.
    I love the Polar Bear shaped rug, love the whole white/mint look in the picture

    • I know what you mean! Their clothes are great but i wish i’d known about the homeware sooner! Oh well, I’ll just have to re-decorate 😉

  • Caro Davies

    I LOVE Vertbaudet!! Love the things you’ve showcased too — especially the little lamp. Just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing xx #HomeEtc

    • Thanks Caro! I’m about to place an order now – can’t resist it any longer haha so much cuteness! xx

  • mummyofboygirltwins

    Love all these styles 🙂 I have bought clothes from them but not accessories so thanks for sharing! xx #HomeEtc

    • Same here! Really rate their clothes, and excited for my delivery of homewares to arrive. Heard the quality is just as good so can’t wait! xx

  • Anna Erica Baltzer

    Where is the lovely house shelf from (pic four from the top) couldnt find it on vertbaudet website!