Going for Gold – Inside Team GB’s Rio Home with DFS

Going for Gold – Inside Team GB’s Rio Home with DFS

Team GB Rio House Interiors

This is a paid advertorial for DFS

I don’t know if I’ve ever told my blog readers this before… but I was kind of an athlete when I was younger.

And when I say kind of, I’m actually being quite modest.

I excelled at most sports and some of my oldest school friends to this day still sometimes refer to me as “the fastest girl in school”. I ran the 100m and 200m incredibly well, winning a lot of competitions, and I trained through the Winter with long distance cross country. It meant early mornings on the weekend for competing and if someone had asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, it was not uncommon for my answer to be “an Olympian”.

I’m so sad that I didn’t keep it up, losing interest in my later teenage years *shakes fist annoyingly* but it’s SO heartwarming to now see that my little girl seems to be following in my footsteps. Her dad was a rugby player and a gymnast or “trampoline master” as he likes to call himself, so I guess it’s just in her blood.

Luna starts gymnastics in a few weeks, and she’s already had some practice trampolining, and she’s been learning to swim since she was a newborn – so she’s certainly an active one!

So to say I’m excited about the Olympics is an understatement. I’ve always loved watching them, and the fact that DFS is the official homeware partner of Team GB for the summer’s Olympic Games in Rio, is just the cherry on the cake.

Athletics + homeware = some of my favourite things all rolled into one!

As part of the partnership, DFS have been working with Team GB stars, gymnast, Max Whitlock, cyclist, Laura Trott, and swimmer, Adam Peaty, and have unveiled a specially designed sofa for the Olympics – The Britannia.

DFS Team GB Rio Interior 02

DFS Team GB Rio Interior 01

Designed and made in the UK, the sofa showcases the best in British design and will be centre stage in the home of Team GB in Rio, British House.

Speaking of the British House, take a look at these pics. How gorgeous does it look? I remember the ache returning after a long muddy run in the cold mornings of cross country season, and there was absolutely nothing better than getting home, getting clean, and curling up on the sofa in my pyjamas with my dog on my lap, so I know just what those athletes will be feeling when they return after an exhausting day.

DFS Team GB Rio Interior 04

DFS Team GB Rio Interior 03

What a beautiful setting to sit and unwind (also loving the Red, White & Blue running through the accessories!)

For a closer look, Team GB in association with DFS, are producing a major new content series on their YouTube channel from the heart of the Rio Olympics called Great Brits: Game On, which is a daily video series designed to celebrate our brilliant athletes.

One of my favourite parts of the series – apart from the gorgeous interiors – is the #FlipIt game, where athletes are challenged to flip as many coasters as they can when they’re enjoying their wind down time. And hey, you don’t have to be an athlete to join in, so give it a go yourself!

You can follow the #FlipIt campaign on DFS’s Twitter and Instagram social channels too.

Well done Team GB so far on all the medal wins and well done DFS for the limited edition, Britannia. I just love the way it mixes the classic Chesterfield look with a more contemporary finish.

  • You might be raising a little Olympian – exciting! Love the images of the Team GB house and sofas – DFS have done a fab job.

    • Thank you Molly! I do hope she will be an Olympian rather than just a climbing monkey haha! x

  • Hans

    As a modest Belgian I can only show the greatest respect for team Britain… have seen many of the competitions and UK athletes were on the podium by the dozens!
    If one day an athlete called Luna is standing there I’ll for sure recognize the name 🙂

    • Thank you Hans!
      I have high hopes for our little Luna 🙂

      • Hans

        You’re absolutely right to be a proud mom, things will work out you’ll see 🙂