30 Minute Makeover: Lilac Garden Planters

30 Minute Makeover: Lilac Garden Planters


This summer was supposed to be “the” summer for our garden. We had big plans to resurface our uneven lawn and build a kiddy corner for Luna, who absolutely loves to be outdoors.

Sadly, it’s been a bit of a washout. It hasn’t kept us from getting out and about, but it’s certainly hindered our garden plans a little.

What we have achieved though has really brightened things up so I wanted to share this quick mini makeover in case you too need a little boost to get the littler jobs done in the fleeting moments of sun!

The picture above was taken at National Trust’s Quarry Bank Mill in Styal (Cheshire) and I just fell in love with the lilacs surrounding this cute little private house on the property. I immediately decided lilac was going to be added into our garden somewhere. Anywhere.

Joe was given two lovely planters a year or so ago as a birthday gift and truth be told, they have just sat in the garden looking a little sad. So, we cleaned them, gave them a good scrub and decided to give them a lick of paint.

I really want a colourful garden and I happened to have a voucher for Valspar paint so I decided on Dusty Lilac from the Garden Colours range.

Valspar Dusty Lilac Garden 01

Valspar Dusty Lilac Garden 02

Valspar Dusty Lilac Garden 03

We’ve already used Valspar paint in our lounge (Down In The Nile), bedroom (Ruby Begonia) and hallway (Oopsy Daisy) so had good experience with it indoors, and thankfully, it’s just as good outside too! Two light coats did the trick and because it was so sunny when we painted, no waiting around for coats to dry, hell to the yeah!

I love the colour and this particular pastel shade for the garden. It’s the colour I originally wanted to paint our picnic table but that has sadly gone to greener pastures (aka the tip – a story for another day!)

Valspar Dusty Lilac Garden 07

Valspar Dusty Lilac Garden 04

(Yes I had to do some sneaky photography when Joe was digging up grass in the rain poor thing. Thankfully he has plenty of strong workwear from Engelbert Strauss which keeps him from ruining his better clothes. They’re really durable, even for someone like Joe who has a reputation in our family for breaking everything!)

We finished it off by planting these beautiful trees and I love how they look almost lime green against the purple on the wood. Because it’s an outside paint, it means the planters are already treated for weather conditions and doesn’t need  a base coat which is how we managed to get these painted in a super quick turnaround. Not a bad little makeover for when Luna was napping! I hope you like them. I think they look awesome – come rain or shine. And there’s been rain. Oh, how there has been rain.

Valspar Dusty Lilac Garden 05

Valspar Dusty Lilac Garden 06

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  • What a lovely idea! I love that shade of lilac. I’m thinking of something similar for our new fencing and potentially the big wooden planter we have x

    • Thanks Sarah! Go for it – if you need to test the colour, I’ve got loads left 🙂 x

  • Karen

    Great colour choice (matches your nails) 🙂 I love how a bit of paint can bring something back to life in less than an hour. Excellent work!!x

    • Thanks Karen! And it wasn’t actual intentional with the nails but let’s pretend I’m just really co-ordinated 😉 x

  • Carole King

    They look lovely. I really like the trees. They add height and interest lower down too. Win Win. x

    • Thanks Carole – i love them too! Just wish I could remember what they’re called! x

  • Rachel Newcombe

    That’s a gorgeous shade of paint – and it looks so nice against the fresh green of the plants. Great choice and lovely new planters!

  • Lovely idea! That hit of of lilac creates a real focal point in the garden and looks stunning contrasting against the green. x

    • Thank you Pippa! It was a challenge convincing the hubby but I’m so glad he agreed to this colour – i love it! x

  • Shamima

    Such a subtle colour, but it gives such a gorgeous vibrancy to your garden. Love it!

    • Thank you! Never been a pastel lover but I’ve been converted! x

  • Looks fabulous, great job. I’m so behind with my home DIY. This is a great reminder to get going.

    • Thanks Geraldine! It’s always the little things that make big impact I think 🙂 Thank goodness, because I’m rubbish at getting around to the big stuff haha! x

  • Wow! They look absolutely amazing, I wouldn’t ever think to paint things like that, but I love your idea! Such a lovely colour too! xx

    • Thank you Alex – the lovely thing about paint is it can always be changed or removed, so definitely give it a go! 🙂

  • They look lovely, I always think Lavender is such a lovely colour for the garden xx

    • Totally agree! I’m already looking at more ways to add it in, without going overboard.

  • You have inspired me to finish painting my planter! I started it back in May and never finished it. Perhaps a job for this evening when I get home 😉 Love the colour you’ve chosen, they look fab Xx

    • Aw thanks Lins. Hopefully we’ll get enough nice weather for you to complete it! This was on my to-do list months ago but it keeps raining!

  • Aaah they look SO lovely!! Love the colour. That Valspar paint is a triumph isn’t it? I painted my she-shed in it — it’s amazing stuff!! Thanks for linking up 🙂 Caro xx #HomeEtc

    • Thanks Caro 🙂 I really love Valspar. And we still have so much left. I’m going to have to paint my house lilac haha!