3 Alternative Ways to Display A Mini Glass Greenhouse

3 Alternative Ways to Display A Mini Glass Greenhouse

How to style a mini glass greenhouse

Where would you say is your favourite place for displaying home décor?

I bet a lot of you make the most of a fireplace, or perhaps a quirky alcove. Or a nook and cranny where your walls hide the hidden house structure.

Well, we don’t have any of these sadly! No fireplaces. No alcoves. Not even any side tables – they seem like an accident waiting to happen with a very active climbing toddler.

So what do you do for displays when these aren’t an option? Today I’m looking at Rose & Grey’s brand new Mini Glass Greenhouse.

It’s made from Antique zinc and glass, with a classic nkuku clasp on its side-paneled door. It’s super cute.

It might look like it would fit into the category of terrarium – and it would 100% look its best filled with mini cacti, or a beautiful potted fern – but this particular model has a fully opening side door meaning it’s not enclosed at the bottom and can’t be used to build the layers needed for a traditional terrarium.

So for me, I’m using it as a display case. A little house in which little treasures can be shown off, away from toddler’s hands. Here are 3 places you might not have thought to use it.

(And I’ve tried to add a source list where possible because I know I’ll be asked, but shout up in the comments if I’ve missed anything!)

The Kitchen Table

Glasshouse display 01

Glasshouse display 02

It’s nice to have a huge bouquet of flowers as a centrepiece. It’s why it’s the most common feature at weddings after all. But I simply never get around to it. Instead, an interesting vignette can do just as well to show off your personality at the family table, and in the same way that trays have taken off to tie in a collection of items together, so can a mini greenhouse! This is currently sat on our kitchen table, and I love the way the leaves of my tiny plant poke through the “roof” of the glasshouse.

Source List
Jug – TK Maxx – £1.99
‘Foliage’ – Wyevale Garden Centre – £1.99
Mini Gold Pineapple – Rose & Grey – £8.50
Little Glass Pineapple Vase – Rose & Grey £2.95
Flowers – Picked from my own garden!

The Dressing Table

Glasshouse display 05 Glasshouse display 03

I have so many perfumes and I hate that they’re mostly hidden away! They’re in glass cabinets at the store for a reason – they’re designed to be admired. I’m not a fan of clutter on my dressing table. Let’s say I’m more of an ‘organised mess’ kinda gal, so housing my favourite scents of the moment makes for a lovely way to mix up my little beauty den. I can pop my most expensive looking selection into the glass greenhouse – which complements my glass-topped dresser – and they’re easy to access daily, with their beauty not going to waste!

Source List
Faux succulent – John Lewis – £8
Jewellery stand – Gifted
Hand figurine – HAY – £15
White geometric vase – M&S – £19

The Bathroom

Glasshouse display 06 Glasshouse display 07

Now, our bathroom is a bit dull to be honest, and these days it’s just full to the brim with toys and bubble machines. But I want to bring more of the adult pampering stuff back in here and make it a real place of sanctuary.

The bathroom windowsill is a great place for plants and not really utilised by many! And it’s a room that gets a lot of natural moisture through steam, so perfect for any houseplants that need a bit more watering.

I think plants take away that sterile look of a bathroom – particularly if it’s all plain white as ours is.
I’ve added some of my favourite body butters into a lovely stack in the greenhouse. If it can be done on your bedside table with books, why not with toiletries in the bathroom! And a rubber ducky for good measure, because it’s a family room after all.

Source List
Candle – Primark – 80p
Body butters – Gifts!
Plant – Wyevale Garden Centre – £1.99

What do you think? It’s easy to dress up something when it’s so classic in design isn’t it? Such a versatile little greenhouse! How would you use it in your home?

I’ll be posting a more traditional terrarium soon to see just how easy it is to make a cacti garden. Stay tuned!