Add to Basket – July 2016 with Iconic Lights

Add to Basket – July 2016 with Iconic Lights

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I’m back with another in my Add to Basket series – where I make a lust list from one of my favourite interiors brands. I can’t buy everything they release – as much as I’d want to! – so I might as well share the cream of the crop with my lovely readers in case it’s your cup of tea too.

And hey, it’s nearly payday…

This month I’m window shopping at Iconic Lights. I’m actually an ambassador for the brand so get to see the new ranges straight from the off, and it’s always SO difficult picking a favourite.

Quite honestly, I don’t need THAT many lamps in my home. Or do I? Maybe it’s like cushions and throws and candles and photo frames – you can NEVER have too many. But I think Joe could hit the roof if I bought the lot.

So here are my top 5 picks from their latest range:

1. Antique Thomas Edison ‘Steampunk’ Table Lamp – £30

steam punk lamp

Perfect for adding a bit of warmth to the industrial look. I love the blend of wood and glass here and it’s so understated and shows off just how pretty squirrel cage bulbs are.

2. ‘Talisman’ Table Lamp with White Marble Base – £20

copper marble light

I’m not normally one for minimalism in my own home, but I love the daintyness of this simple metal rod design. It’s industrial, it’s copper, it’s marble – could it be more on trend?

3. ‘Diablo’ Wire Frame Polygon Diamond Pendant Shade – £13

blue cage pendant

Okay I know these are everywhere and I think we’re probably going to get the black one for our hallway very soon BUT I felt these were worth a mention because of the epic colours available. I personally love the blue and yellow versions, and I think they’re a great way to add colour for those who aren’t comfortable going bright and bold on the walls.

4. Military Style Wooden Table Lamp – £30

grenade lamp

For anyone who wants a really good conversation starter, look no further. Light shines through the wooden cage in such a gorgeous way. How cute would this look in a little boy’s bedroom or a quirky home office?

5. Copper Globe Pendant – £40

copper pendant

Whilst this is a simple design, it’s one that just works. If you’re into interiors you’ll probably notice the similarity between this and the Tom Dixon version. Whilst it’s nice to have the ‘real deal’ designer label, for households on a budget like mine, splashing out £150 for a small pendant light is too much. This version? £40.

BONUS FAVOURITE: ‘Schofield’ Concrete Cube Base Table Lamp – £18

Concrete Lamp 01 Concrete Lamp 02 Concrete Lamp 03

Now, the last one is actually all mine! I’ve added to the basket and it’s come home to mama. I LOVE it. It’s super quirky, and I think the oversized delicate bulb against the industrial edginess of the concrete cubed base is just so understated. It’s currently sitting in our lounge but I’ve played around with it all over the house and it goes everywhere – really versatile.

Want more? See what else is in my house from Iconic Lights?

The Ram Lamp
The Armadillo Pendant Light

I’m really proud to be working alongside Iconic Lights. We decorate on a budget and so much of their stock is affordable, with styles for everyone. Even my mum did a little shopping spree from there as she needs new lighting for the entirety of her house!

Which one is your favourite? Let me know what lighting you’ve bought lately – I can’t get enough!


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  • Ali C-S

    Fab line up! I do love the one you did add to your basket and the military one I know my son would love!

    • Thank you! The military one is definitely an acquired taste haha But i love it! x

  • Yay I’m an ambassador too and absolutely love their stuff, as you say so reasonably priced. It’s just always so hard to choose! X

    • Definitely! I could have picked about 10 haha But I just don’t have enough corners that need lighting up, dammit! First world probs 😉 xx

  • andrubymakesfour

    I’ve got that steampunk lamp, absolutely love it 🙂 Great idea for a series, love it! xx

    • Thanks so much! Glad you like it, and great choice for your lamp 🙂 x

  • Old Fashioned Susie

    I’ve got the top one, it was in our hall for a while. So bright though we had to move it!

    • Good choice Susie! Yeah ours is definitely an “in your face” brightness that I wasn’t expecting but a bit of clever positioning and it’s fine 🙂 x

  • Love the idea behind this post – and agree Iconic lights have some fab pieces #happyandhome

  • Carole King

    Lovely selection. If I had to choose a favourite it would be the ‘steampunk’ one 🙂

    • Thanks Carole 🙂 I struggle to pick a favourite to be honest, if I had enough side tables I’d buy them all! x

  • Oooh that copper one could be just the thing for my office – the one thing I didn’t finish! Thanks for joining #happyandhome

    • Hooray, the finishing touches are always the best bit – go for it 😉 x

  • Guy Wood

    Just ordered number 1 to be my new bedside lamp!

  • mummyofboygirltwins

    Very nice! Got some lovely lamps myself from there too 🙂 Jess xx


    • Thanks Jess! Yeah i feel like a lot of my lamps are from there now and i don’t mind one bit. Love them all! x