UK Interiors Bloggers You Should Read

UK Interiors Bloggers You Should Read

uk home and interiors bloggers

Interiors bloggers. Design junkies. However, you want to label them, over the years that I’ve been blogging, I’ve come  across some seriously lovely ladies.

They come from all walks of life, work to varying budgets, have different tastes and experiences, and all kinds of spaces to decorate. And one of the things they have in common is that they take great pride in what they share on their site.

So today, I wanted to share the love. ‘cause sharing is caring, right?

A few short years ago when I started writing here, I’ll admit, there were times I felt alone.

In our mid-20s, with a mortgage and a house to renovate, with most of our friends still not out of education or in full time employment, it felt a little like we were living on a different planet.

I hope that doesn’t sound ungrateful. We’re definitely not. Even if it was hard to see others go on nights out living the student life when we were scrimping to buy our first oven.

Some days were harder than others.

We lived with a hole in the back of our house, smack bang in the middle of Winter 2013, for approximately a month. We had no work surfaces and had to make brews and Pot Noodles on the floor.

I feel like I went on about it a lot when we were blogging it at the time. And I know it all sounds very dramatic and totally a first world problem.

But it was really tough.

So you know why I love blogging about the shiny pretty things nowaways? Because it’s the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s being able to put the cherry on top of the icing.

So if you, like me, found it difficult, here are some of the bloggers who inspire me every day. They’re some of the gals that kept me going with our decorating when I was 8 months pregnant, working full-time and still painting our hallway. They don’t all blog about renovating, or DIY. Maybe it’s beautiful homes or their family life. But they’re all worth a look.

Enough of me blabbing. Get ready for some Interiors Inspo. In no particular order…


Antonia is a local to me (Manchester crew, represent!) so I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her in ACTUAL real life a few times and she’s so lovely! Mum to 3 boys and blogger of affordable ways to do up your house, she’s a must-read over at her blog #tidylife.

Old Fashioned Susie

Another one of my real-life local blogger chummies thanks to this lovely blog, Susie has such a positive outlook on everything that she shares, and it’s infectious. She’s a Vintage maven and has been fuelling my Insta addiction for ages now. See her latest quirky interiors finds over at Old Fashioned Susie.

Love Chic Living 01

Jen from Love Chic Living is not only a brilliant blogger of affordable home interiors from high street brands but she can occasionally be found on the telebox showing off her skills (that makes me famous by association, right?) AND she is also a mum of two. Superwoman!

Design Sheppard


Stacey at the Design Sheppard has become a real pro when it comes to recommending how to get a good night’s sleep – from mattresses to calming wallcoverings. With two daughters under the age of 3, sleep is CRUCIAL. Keep reaching for those zzz’s, Stacey. We’re routing for you!

Fifi 01

Fifi unabashedly uses her own name for her gorgeous blog, Fifi McGee and I totally dig that. Her photography is beautiful, I feel like she could take a picture of a wooden spoon and I’d love it. Check out her Instagram for some serious #doorspiration too. Get that scrolling thumb ready. It’s addictive.

Ana Mum Diary 01

Amanda from The Ana Mum Diary is consistently ranked as one of the top UK lifestyle blogs, and she’s also the editor of the Britmum’s Home and Design Round-Up so if you want to hunt down some of the best interiors posts of the minute, she’s probably sharing them. Go take a look.

Renovation Bay Bee

Stephanie blogs over at Renovation Bay-Bee and there have been so many times I’ve read her blog just nodding my head. She’s blogging about renovating her house within a tight budget to make it somewhere special for their family to call home. Sound familiar? Definitely one to check out if you’re also going through a reno and want to know you’re not alone.

A Residence Blog

Penny from A Residence, now owned by Wayfair (you go guuurl) hosts the #HappyandHome linkup every week so you can always get your interiors fix from the whole blogging community. I love joining in and you can find plenty of inspiration on the hashtag too.

A Beautiful Space 01

Becky has been blogging for 10 years. Hold the phone. A full-on decade. She runs a number of lifestyle and interior blogs including the gorgeous A Beautiful Space. If you’re thinking you need some ideas for interiors which will fit with a family life, there’s lots here.

White Approach 01

Karen not only has a fabulous name (sorry, couldn’t resist), she is the Queen of Scandi-style. If you love red wine, you can wave goodbye to it, because after visiting her gorgeous blog, The White Approach, you’ll want to splash whitewash on ALL your walls. Bye Merlot. It was good while it lasted.


Pippa Jameson x

Pippa is the real deal, you guys. Stylist, Art Director, Consultant, TV Persoanlity, Mum. How do you fit in all in, Pippa? I need to know! Working with BBC Good Homes and ITV, she knows her shiz. I love reading about her life as an Interior Stylist at her blog, Pippa Jameson Interiors.

Rachel Newcombe

You’ve probably read plenty of Rachel’s work already on the likes of Houzz, Reclaim, eBay and Dwell to name just a few, but if you’d like some contemporary interiors advice, it’s all on her very own award-winning blog, Fresh Design.

Molly and the princess 01

Molly gives me such a great sense of calm and if you follow her on Instagram (if you don’t already, go do it!) you’ll love her snaps of beautiful scenery and coastlines. It’s definitely an inspiration for her blog, Molly and the Princess, where she shares her passion for simple but stylish living.

Dear Designer

Everyone should have as much passion for their home as Carole has for her country cottage which she’s been transforming lately, alongside running Heart Home Magazine and her fabulous interiors trends blog, Dear Designer. Teach me your ways, Carole!

Arianna Daily

I just love love love Arianna’s photos, and you will too. A self-proclaimed obsessive photo-taker, I love the variety on her lifestyle blog Arianna’s Daily, but if you want some seriously gorgeous pics with your daily reads, add this to your bookmarks.

I think I’ll do another round up in a month or so, but in the mean time, any reads you’d like to share? Hit that comments  section! And happy reading everyone.

  • Love your description of all the blogs, and thanks for including miŷne! Nice you get sense of calm from my IGs, underneath the feet are paddling away 🙂

  • Such kind comments – thank you! x