The Grand Opening of Rose & Grey’s Manchester Showroom

The Grand Opening of Rose & Grey’s Manchester Showroom

Rose & Grey Altrincham Showroom

If you haven’t heard of Rose & Grey before, and you live in the Manchester area, you’re in for a treat.

And I feel like I can genuinely say that because in my eyes, it’s quite simply one of those boutiques that has most definitely got something for everyone.

I wrote a post recently about some interiors stores I visited in London, and how much of a shame it was that I had to travel 2 hours to be able to touch and feel some of the products I’ve lusted after for so long online.

I know, I know – items can be returned. Stop trying to encourage me to shop more you enablers!

What’s wonderful about Rose & Grey for me is that they’re right on my doorstep, and their new showroom is opening tomorrow in Broadheath, Altrincham (South Manchester for those not local to the area).

I was invited to a little advance sneaky peek at the new showroom yesterday and it’s really so beautifull – proper impressive how many different themes you can create in one unit of a building.

From moody blues in panelled walls, to industrial lighting, to brass terrariums, to marble telephones, to swinging monkey lamps (which I’ve been wanting to buy for ages!), to colourful velvet soft furnishings. If any of this sounds like your cup of tea, then head down this weekend – open to the public on Saturday.

For long term readers of this blog (oh hey!), you’ll know I’ve done some styling posts for their mason jars, cocktail glassespegboards and glass frames.

And the pineapple ornament that often pops up in my Instagram pics, to which I always get enthusiastic comments and questions on where it’s from? You guessed it, Rose & Grey.

ANYWAY. I’ll shut up now and let the pictures do the talking. I won’t give you the grand tour myself, but here are a few snaps from my visit, showcasing a taster of all the lovely interiors that you’ll no doubt want to buy.

All details on the new showroom can be found here on the Rose & Grey website.

Rose and Grey Showroom 03

Rose and Grey Showroom 01

Rose and Grey Showroom 12

Rose and Grey Showroom 10

Rose and Grey Showroom 14

Rose and Grey Showroom 04

Rose and Grey Showroom 07


Rose and Grey Showroom 06

Rose and Grey Showroom 05

Rose and Grey Showroom 09

Rose and Grey Showroom 02

Rose and Grey Showroom 13      Rose and Grey Showroom 11

And yes, even my little lady came along the visit!

She was bouncing on the lush velvet sofas, and grabbing at the terrariums, and boy did she have a good time! Thank you to the team at the store for being so accommodating for my curious toddler!

Rose and Grey Showroom 08

  • Ooh it all looks so fab – but how lush is that green velvet chesterfield, I want! Lucky you having the showroom so close.

    • It’s BEAUTIFUL! I’ve always avoided velvet because I’m so scared my daughter will just destroy it, but let’s just say that she really tested it on this occasion haha So I may have to reconsider! xx

  • Antonia Ludden

    It was lovely to see you and your little girl, she is adorable!! What a great showroom, I spent ages looking around but you’ve photographed some details I missed somehow yesterday – so thanks for that! Think I’ll definitely be visiting again soon xx

    • Oh thank you Antonia!
      And yes, I love that all our piccies are slightly different. Just shows how much one space can offer so much! Until the next one 🙂 xx

  • Old Fashioned Susie

    Gosh it was beautiful wasn’t it!! Was lovely seeing you again too! Your daughter is adorable xxx

    • Aw thanks hun. Adorable, but handsy haha
      I forgot to tell you, she was waving like mad when you left, she really took a shining to you 🙂 x

      • Old Fashioned Susie

        Besties for life! Will mail you those pics x

  • Christine & Jan

    I totally agree with you about the need for more homeware shops further north! Totally in love with Rose & Grey, just sorry I missed you guys – would have been good to catch up in real life!

    • Stunning isn’t it? Nice to see Altrincham chosen as well, which I think has been dying a slow death in recent years. Hopefully it’ll get some new life now!

      Aw I’m gutted we missed you Christine. Would love to meet up! xx

  • Carole King

    Love Rose and Grey and the store looks amazing. I’ll have to postpone my visit though until the next time I’m up North. x

    • Absolutely! Let me know when you’re next up here. Blogger meetup! 🙂 x

  • fabricofmylife

    Ahh fab – another interiors mecca to check out when I move up Karen! xx

    • Definitely! Good luck with your move. We’ll have to go for that drink we talked about to welcome you up north 🙂 x

  • It looks so divine!! I’ve seen them pop up on people’s blogs from time to time and they look like such a fun and quirky store. Love the colours of their walls too! X

    • They’re really beautiful aren’t they? And I can vouch for the lovely quirks. Such good quality too which sometimes it hard to gage from an online store x

  • So many lovely things! Love the drawers and the flamingos, thanks for joining #happyandhome

    • Everything was so lush. I struggled to keep the number of pictures down haha x

  • Organised Jo

    Oh wow, they have some lovely things. I am also going through loving pineapple stage, and the ones in your pictures are gorgeous. #HomeEtc

  • Aaaah I LOVE them. I could literally furnish my whole house with Rose & Grey product. Amazing that they’ve opened up a showroom — it’s so lovely to see things in the flesh, rather than online. Thanks for linking up 🙂 #HomeEtc — Caro x

  • mummyofboygirltwins

    Oh wow totally swoon worthy and all gorgeous!!!! What a super event xx Thanks for linking up #HomeEtc xx

  • andrubymakesfour

    I’m wondering how to trick my husband into a trip to Altrincham….I absolutely love Rose and Grey! The monkey light is fab 🙂 xx #HomeEtc

  • Oh I need a trip it all looks amazing and only 40 minutes for me, I love the pineapple I feel I need that in my life x