Mastering Floral Artistry with Frog Flowers (& Champagne)

Mastering Floral Artistry with Frog Flowers (& Champagne)


This weekend, I was invited to join Frog Flowers in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

I’ve made a really conscious effort in 2016 to get out there more. Talk to other like-minded bloggers, visit events and not be so afraid to shout about this hobby of mine that is slowly but surely becoming a part of my everyday life. So when the lovely Susie from Old Fashioned Susie invited me to join her and some other Northern interiors bloggers for an afternoon of floristry and chatter (actual adult speak and not with the kids!), then I didn’t need any more persuasion.

Now, please excuse the excessive amount of flower images you’re about to see. I’ve gone flower bonkers lately since Spring has sprung (if you follow me on Instagram you’ll know) and the Flowers at Home workshop which we attended has only fueled the fire. So if you’re not into flowerporn, you may tootle off now and I shan’t take offense.

Frog Flowers 05

So, the masterclass was held at Frog Flowers. If you don’t know to look for it, you may just miss it but it’s one of the most beautiful little floral shops, tucked away in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

We were welcomed by the lovely David, who runs the shop, and Susie, who was to teach us her floristy wizardry and I can’t overstate how down to Earth and fun they were. Not to mention the fact that we were welcomed with bubbly and doughnuts which, in my opinion, always makes for a good first impression. Ahem…

Now, for the most part I think a shop is a shop, but Frog Flowers is stunning. Exposed brickwork upon entry, layered in foliage, beautiful whispy leaves, quirky ornaments, tropical prints, terrariums, neon accents. It’s just so gorgeous and a great introduction to their off-beat but really sophisticated offering. As specialists in events, the studio was floor to ceiling covered in amazing vases, coloured twines and kitsch decorations which was right up my street. I must admit, if I’d have known about them before I got married, I may have gone for something so much bolder for my bouquet. But I digress.


Frog Flowers 07

Frog Flowers 10

Frog Flowers 08

We were taken to the basement where the flower schooling happens (the coolness of the basement is far better for the flowers’ longevity, particulaly on a gorgeous sunny Saturday like we were blessed with.)

Against a black chalk wall, flower displays bloomed. From Eucalyptus (which smelled incredible) to lilacs, to ferns, to tulips, to roses and palm leaves. Admittedly I don’t know the names of half of what was there, but it was just gorgeous.

Frog Flowers 02

Frog Flowers 04

Frog Flowers 01

Frog Flowers 03

Susie gave us a demonstration first of how to arrange your flowers, how to twist them together, and how to correctly place them into a vase. In fact, her bouquet was stunning from just picking up her selection. It was pinks and purples in a big bubble of feminity, and I guess that’s just her experience in pairing flowers shining through. It showed, and looked so natural when pieced together.

Frog Flowers 11

And then it was our turn. We picked our flowers, lay them down on the table and prepared them for arranging. Using our dominant hand we picked a focal flower, added foliage, twisted the bunch inside of a tightly-clenched hand (my thumb muscles got a serious workout), wrapped it with twine to position properly in the vase, and then let them loose to fall into place. Understandably, this is a pretty basic summary of what we did, but it’s the kind of thing I feel most people think they know how to do, but until you’re shown the ‘proper way’ and feel it with your hands, you just don’t!

Frog Flowers 12

Frog Flowers 15

See that bouquet right there? That was my arrangement not far from being finished. Although a bit wild still at this point – ain’t it gorge? I’m honestly chuffed with how it came out. What I really loved is that everyone had access to the exact same flowers on the day, and yet all of our bouquets looked different, with a variety of styles to really match our personalities – something I never thought would come out of floristry.

Mine was quite dark, choosing the more purple tones and deeper reds and fuschias, with white accents and forest green foliage. My inner teenage goth lives on! And of course, couldn’t resist a selfie with my handywork…


(Who can spot the lovely Antonia from Tidy Away Today putting finishing touches on her masterpiece below?)

Frog Flowers 14

And would you like to see how it looked when we got home? Of course you would. It’s taken complete pride of place at our dining table, and apart from a few hiccups where my 1 year old thinks it’s breakfast because the Eucalyptus smells so darn good, it’s been pretty well received by the family.



Look at her, eyeing it up!

Thank you SO much to Susie for organising the day, and for the Frog Flowers team for hosting our little get together. If you’re interested in a creative day or specifically want to learn more about floral artistry, I can’t recommend them enough. What a fabulous day.


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  • Old Fashioned Susie

    Great post!! It was lovely getting to know you better to Karen. See you again soon!

  • AnnaInternational

    This sounds absolutely fabulous! I think I might have to check Frog Flowers out. Your bouquet is beautiful, well done! 🙂 x

    • Oh thank you, that’s kind of you to say. And you absolutely should! Couldn’t recommend the staff highly enough. A really fun afternoon xx

  • Jen

    Yay! Your post is beautiful just like your bouquet. Although it must have been torment sitting next to those doughnuts! x

    • Aw thank you Jen, and trust me, it took a lot of willpower haha x

  • Can never get enough of flower porn, and your photos are beautiful, and your bouquet – what a lovely day you all had (very jealous!) x

    • Aw thank you Molly 🙂
      It really was a lovely afternoon. Hopefully see you at another event soon! x

  • Christine & Jan

    That’s an amazing bouquet – you’re a natural! I struggle to keep anything alive, so cut flowers are the only way to go for me! 😉 I’ve probably walked past Frog Flowers hundreds of times, but have never actually been in – will definitely have to pop in next time I’m in town.

    • Thanks Christine 🙂
      Me too. I’ve been about 50% successful with houseplants now but this session made me realise I’ve probably got plenty in my garden to make a nice bouquet with. Definitely pop in – it’s lovely! x

  • What an amazing place. And your bouquet looks beautiful!! It sounds like such a brilliant day. I’d love to do something similar. I adore flowers but have no clue how to arrange them.

  • Stacey Sheppard

    Sounds like you all had a really lovely day. What a fab place to have in Manchester. I’m rubbish with plants and flowers but I’d love to attend such a workshop. Your bouquet looks gorgeous and I love the colour on your wall.

  • Wow! What a beautiful flowers. You should post a little guide how to make beautiful bouquet like yours. Feelings fresh after watching the photos of flowers.

    ~Dr. Diana Hardy

  • Ha, the look of concentration on my face! Such a great way to spend an afternoon, I absolutely loved it and would definitely go again. Your arrangement was lovely! Great photos too 🙂 xxx

  • Caro Davies

    Aaah this is my idea of a heavenly day!! Hanging out with like-minded people AND flowers!! Perfect! 🙂 I did something very similar recently for Jane Packer but it was only for an hour and I wished that it had been a little longer — I loved being taught how to hand-tie a bouquet. Such a fab skill to learn 🙂 Thanks ever so much for sharing with #HomeEtc — Caro xx

  • Elena

    I love, love this post. Love your pictures, they are beautiful. I love having fresh flowers at home but I really don’t know how to arrange them so I could do with a day like that. #HomeEtc

  • mummyofboygirltwins

    Sounds wonderful and so cool too! Gorgeous flowers and greta people 🙂 Perfect. Thanks for linking up and sharing, love jess xx