A ‘Winter Favourites’ Interiors Haul

A ‘Winter Favourites’ Interiors Haul

It’s the first day of Spring! Daylight savings is upon us next week, and although I’m excited for the sunnier evenings, and the evenings have been so lovely and light lately, I’m always sad to “officially” see the back of Winter. I’m such a scarf and hat kinda gal!

So before it’s officially declared bikini & BBQ weather, here are a few of my favourite home additions that I added to the house over Winter – with many still available online in case you’re interested!

The Lightbox

Ligthboxes aren’t going anywhere are they? I remember seeing one on Etsy a few years ago. It was £50 postage to be shipped from Australia, because they weren’t on the high street yet here in the UK. But now, well…they’re everywhere! You can’t swing a cat on Instagram without seeing one. (Guilty as charged – See image below) As you can see, I’ve been suckered in. I bought mine for £15.99 from The Range just before Christmas. It was such a bargain, the girls at work bought one too. I’ve seen them come back down to this price over and over again so keep your eyes peeled. I’ve since bought an add-on pack from eBay which I think Joe will have a lot of fun with.

Only on days that end in a Y.

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The Rhino

You know you’re an interiors junkie when your friends and family buy you home décor for Christmas and birthdays. This quirky little rhino was a Christmas present from my sister. As I always like to name the wildlife in this house, I hereby declare this Rhino…Reginald.

rhino ornament

The Copper Lamps

Another Christmas present, this time from the hubby. They come “flatpacked” and I think everyone thought I had lost the plot when I opened what looked like a narrow box of cereal and squealed with giddiness. I really love these. In fact, I’ve got a whole post dedicated to them coming your way about my thoughts on self-assembly lighting…

copper lighting 07

copper lighting 04

The Throw

I love having a throw on our bed, no matter what time of year it is. We sleep with the windows open and a fan on, so yup, I pretty much need something warmer to cling to. I’ve been after a monochrome simple throw with a geometric print for ages.  AGES. I’ve just been so picky about it. I found a gorgeous print from John Lewis but at £130, I just couldn’t justify spending that much (*cry* #firstworldprobs). This one, again from The Range, was a tenner! Much more bargain friendly, it’s lightweight so is great for all year round and it helps that it’s a tough fabric, so it can withhold the yanking my daughter gives it when she tried to use it as a ladder to climb the bed…

(Oh and it makes a good backdrop for pretty stationery. Always a bonus)


Copper Dishes

Joe bought me these gorgeous copper dishes for my birthday. They glisten softly against any lighting we have directed on it, which makes for a great addition to our moody lounge. I was using them for keeping odds and ends in but then our daughter discovered that she wanted to eat everything on our cabinet so they’ve been swiftly moved. Saying that, they still look just as gorgeous with nothing in them and I love the faux scratched look inside.

copper dishes 02


And that was my favourite of the bunch! Which is your favourite? I’m already on the lookout for my favourite Spring additions. Can’t help myself…