Being an Interiors Geek When You’re a Mum

Being an Interiors Geek When You’re a Mum

Mother's Day Tulips

I am an interiors geek, but if you’re here and reading this blog, then you probably already know that.

But ever since Luna came along, when I flick through my magazines or Pinterest, all I think is: “My kid would destroy that beautiful room in less than 5 minutes”. The joys of having a toddling, climbing, waddling, giggling one year old!

So, in celebration of Mother’s Day here in the UK, here are some of the thoughts I have daily as a proud mumm. And if you’re an interiors nerd like me in a family home, you may be able to relate…

  • Never has a home decor ornament been so appealing than when it’s placed out of bounds on a side table. Just consider it smashed and move on.
  • Coffee table books? HAHAHAHA.
  • Side tables? Can you say “cracked head open”? I’ll just put this coffee on the floor instead. It’ll be cold before I get to it anyway.
  • You’d be amazed how many painting touch ups you can get done at naptime.
  • Wipeable paint doesn’t exist. I’ve tried them all. They are no match for my little girl’s “artwork” or crusty porridge.
  • A 20+ unit kitchen. SO. MUCH. BABYPROOFING.
  • Laundry is definitely part of our aesthetic. I wonder if I can pass it off as art?
  • Speaking of art. Cute Etsy printables are replaced with crayon scribbles pinned on the wall. Better than it being crayon on the cabinets, which is so hard to remove. Answers on a postcard how to remove this. Please!
  • Fancy a nice stroll around an independent home decor store? Denied. Those aisles aren’t built for the wide load of a travel system.
  • Antique furniture stores and hardware stores are like a play gym. Avoid.
  • Forever regretting my investment for large indoor house plants. After the millionth time of cleaning soil out of the carpet after your toddler has tried to climb the “jungle” it’s time to give it up. CBA.

Have I missed any out?

But in all seriousness (and because I know some people will get the wrong idea from this post) I wouldn’t change my Luna for the world. I used to say that our house was my baby, but I never realised how empty the house would be when she’s not in it. Every day is an adventure trying to transform our little semi-detached into a family home and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Hope everyone had a lovely Mother’s Day! x