The Ram & The Reading Nook

The Ram & The Reading Nook

When we redesigned our lounge last year, we never anticipated that it would need to accommodate such a little bookworm!

The toys, we planned for – we have a toy chest, a huge cabinet, and the classic Kallax unit from Ikea, all of which are used  in a small attempt to keep the room from turning into Toys R Us. But in reality, it’s not the toys that get the most use.

Luna fell head over heels for books as soon as she could sit up and hold them.

There is a small collection in her bedroom – the personalised lovely ones, and stories about dreams and hugs, perfect for bedtime. But the touchy feely books, the big chunky ones, and the singing stories all live in our lounge.

I don’t like separating the house into “kid’s space” and “our space” and I want to marry the two whereever I can, but this corner of our lounge which holds the books and the toys has definitely become hers. Her own little reading book.

Of course I’d love the Pinterest-worthy reading nook for her with a teepee and bean bags, but we’ve got to be realistic about space. We’ll do it, but probably when she moves into a bigger bedroom.

Sadly, her little space in the lounge is also the darkest space in the room made that way thanks to a single seater chair blocking the main light source, and even though it’s a 6 foot natural window, it somehow just doesn’t meet the reading nook. It needs a lamp.

Enter the ram.

iconic lights ram 07

That’s right. It’s a lamp. Shaped like a ram. COOL RIGHT?

The Ram Lamp is part of the Natural Collection from Iconic Lights, made from a wooden structure but given a snuggly woollen coat. I mean, it is a ram for crying out loud – it’s gotta have a coat!

(P.s  If Iconic Lights sounds familiar, it’s because we used their Armadillo Pendant Shade in the second bedroom. Go take a look!)

It’s utterly bonkers and I love it for being at the top of the scale for quirkiness. Although it’s fitted in pretty seamlessly in the lounge, I think it would also be great in any children’s bedroom.

It emits a lovely warm glow through the woollen coat and is pretty fitting considering so many of her books are based on farm animals. She’s even started to imitate the animal noises – classics such as kakkak (quack), oooooor (roar) and the lip smacking fishes a personal favourite. Who knows, maybe the next one will be the bleating of a lamb.

iconic lights ram 10

For those interested to see how it arrived, you can see below that it’s a self-assembly job, but an easy one at that. You can see that the wooden pieces simply slot together, and then you wrap the coat around it, using the poppers to clip woolly sections around the limbs. The bulb goes in the belly – so to speak – and I love that when assembling it, he looked a little like a judge.

*sniggers to self*

So what do you think? Is this something your kids would enjoy? I just need to make sure Luna doesn’t try to cuddle it!

iconic lights ram 06

iconic lights ram 02 iconic lights ram 03 iconic lights ram 04 iconic lights ram 05

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  • Wow, that is a very cool lamp! I love that it looks so cosy and it’s definitely quirky, my daughter would love it (although she’d want to cuddle it too!)

    • Thanks 🙂 We love it! I’m going to have to teach her it’s a cuddle-free zone ha! x

  • Old Fashioned Susie

    Oh this is so cute and perfect for the space you’ve chosen for it! xx

    • Thanks Susie! I think I would have used it in the house regardless if we had kids or not, but at least it’s a good excuse! 😉 x

  • You’re absolutely right … it is utterly bonkers. And yet so cool at the same time. I know my kids would go wild for it. The poor ram would be carried from room to room.

    • Absolutely. I’m going to have to supervise I think! x

  • Your lamp is wearing a coat! A coat. It’s genius. I think it’s ace. #homeetc

    • I know! This little guy is more stylish than me haha x

  • The White Approach

    Aww love the Ram! and perfect for the space you have created for Luna x Iconic lights really do have some fantastic lighting don’t they xx

    • You’re so right! There was plenty I could have picked from the site 🙂 x

  • mummyofboygirltwins

    He’s fab!! What a super space and a fab light – quirky! Thanks for linking up – much appreciated. Jess xx


    • Thank you! We really love it. And happy to link up – found so many good reads on #HomeEtc 🙂 x

  • Stacey Sheppard

    How unusual but such a great choice for a child. I really need to go check out iconic lights asap and see what else they have to offer.

    • It really is a great one for kids! Although not-so-secretly I love it myself 🙂 Definitely go check them out – really affordable x

  • Caro Davies

    OH!! He’s absolutely gorgeous!!!! SO cool — I’d definitely have one for myself — I don’t think the boys would get a look in!! Iconic have really got some great products haven’t they? Such good value too 🙂 #HomeEtc

    • Thank you for stopping by! Yes they definitely do have some real bargains. One of my favorite brands for sure 🙂

  • This is just too cute!

    A x

    • Thank you! He’s a cutie alright. I just want to pet him ha! x

  • Annie Swift

    Stumbled upon this blog from a google search of ‘uk home blogs’ because I have followed some american blogs for a while but the lifestyles just don’t seem to relate to mine. So I draw little inspiration from them that I can actually replicate in my own home.

    Anyway I usually struggle to find UK blogs I like but can completely relate to this post; my 3 year old is a total bookworm and our house is pretty tiny, although we house her books in the kids room and only library books downstairs, but we have toys (oh boy do we have toys!) And it’s nice to see that you embrace that because life isn’t always like the glossy mags..

    Also, i love the lamp and really might buy that bad boy but the real gem is that I have fallen totally short of finding a nice ceiling lamp and that armadillo is PERFECT!


    • Oh that’s so lovely to hear, thanks so much for stopping by!
      I can totally relate to not fitting into to the glossy mags haha Our house sometimes looks that good, but it takes a full day of cleaning and only lasts a few minutes haha! Oh well.
      I was the same when I first started blogging and found that so many were US based so I sadly couldn’t buy all the pretty things (mostly from Target!)
      thank you for commenting. Let me know if you get the lamp! xx