Mojos & Magazines; I’m back!

Mojos & Magazines; I’m back!

Hi there. My name is Karen. And I’m a terrible blogger.

Merry Christmas. Happy New Year. And everything else I’ve missed since my last post. Yes, it’s been that long. So where have I been? Well, in a nutshell, I lost my blogging mojo.

Life happened. I got pretty merry over Christmas. I spent some real quality time with my daughter thanks to time off work over the holidays and I’ve got to watch her learn to climb and dance and swim on her own (she’s one you guys, how did this happen? *proud mum face*.) I’ve been running again myself and lost about 10 pounds over the past few months (self high 5). And I took it upon myself to get out more. I think when you spend so long working on a house, as we have done the past few years, sometimes you can forget to live in it.

So that’s what I’ve been doing.

And before I forget, whilst I’ve been away I was featured in 2 magazines! How flippin’ cool is that?

magazine 01

I was asked to give some commentary for Style at Home magazine, and then my kitchen renovation was featured in Home Style magazine. – both in the February issues if you still want to pop to your shop and take a look!  I know print isn’t what it used to be, but it was such a thrill to be selected to be in each, and it was a great boost to see our kitchen photographed professionally to really get an idea how good it can look – without all the kiddy fingerprints!

Look who’s in the latest issue of HomeStyle magazine!

A photo posted by Karen Clough (@karenanita) on

It was a mad day when the photographer and stylist came over and they styled it in a way that I’d never have thought about before which was just such an eye-opener.  I think I’ll be doing a refresh of the room soon and feature it here as we move into Spring – plus it’s easier to photograph with more natural light, AMIRIGHT BLOGGERS?

Also since 2016 has arrived, I made a resolution. I didn’t share it with anyone because I think then you really add more pressure onto yourself, but here is one I wanted to share – be more positive.

I’ve always made a real conscious effort to look on the bright side; Pick the good over the bad. And sometimes I forget that. I’ve been doing the Photo A Day challenge and looking for inspiration in the everyday ordinary to try and make sure I’m always reminded to look for something to make you smile every single day. I usually post some of my faves on Instagram – whether it’ is interiors related (because I just love wandering around the independent stores on the hunt for quirky finds) or whether it’s just a nice day out. Feel free to join in. I’ll probably do a few of my favourites in a round up.

So there you have it. You’re now officially filled in.

I’m ready to get back onto the blogging bandwagon. Joe has plenty of projects lined up and our toddling daughter has enlightened us to all the changes we need to make around the house to make it safer for kids.  So we’ve got a busy few months ahead.

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