The Christmas Cross-Stitch Pegboard

The Christmas Cross-Stitch Pegboard

pegboard 07


It’s so close I can almost taste it. And trust me I will soon enough – the mulled wine, the gingerbread lattes, the hog roast ham sandwiches from the German markets.

Joe and I have decided that this year we’re going to start from scratch when it comes to our Christmas decorations. We’ve been window shopping for ages. And I mean AGES.

You know when people complain that the shops have got Christmas stuff out too early (end of August it was this year). Yeah, well we were making a wish list and putting together our Christmas Spotify playlist.

Normally this is the week I’d be putting up everything. We’d be listening to our Michael Buble on Spotify, bringing the tree down from the loft, and generally decking the halls! But our daughter’s birthday is at the end of November, so we’ve got a week or so to wait. It’s a rule around here that we try and wait until the birthdays are out the way before getting too giddy.

So in the meantime, I;ve been trying to add bits of winter decorating around the house that’s subtle enough that I can get away with it being out early. As a Style Ambassador for the fabulous homewares company Rose & Grey, this time I’m using their white block pegboard.

pegboard 05

That’s right. I cross-stitched the board. There is nothing to me that quite says Christmas than a woolly jumper completely covered in a Nordic pattern. I used a multi-coloured wool, because, let’s face it – a Christmas with kids is never short on colour. And I’ll admit, I did have to sketch it out beforehand. It was my first time!

I’ve hung festive cheer from the pegs. I’ll be wrapping it all of our bought pressies soon, so I love that some of the cute labels we’ve bought can have a bit of limelight before they go under the tree. And it’s all topped off with some mistletoe, a Christmas scented candle (it’s divine), and plenty of gold. Enjoy!

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