Country Baskets Haul: Vases, Faux Flowers & Geometric Cushions

Country Baskets Haul: Vases, Faux Flowers & Geometric Cushions

Party season is here in the Clough household! We have a lot of family birthdays on the run up to Christmas and this year we’ve got 2 more parties added to the roster, both to be hosted by me – one for my sister’s baby shower, and the other for my daughter’s first birthday. Ahhhh, babies babies everywhere!

When I need party stuff, I head to a place called Country Baskets. It was a recommendation from my sister-in-law when I needed decorations for my wedding. I’d never heard of the store before then, but it’s now become somewhere Joe and I visit about twice a year to stock up on a few crafty bits, general wrapping materials, and if you’re absolutely bonkers about Christmas like I am, they have the most amazing stock from September onwards. And that just happens to be the reason we were there a few weeks ago.

So, off I went for some decorations but instead I came out with something else. A little homeware haul!


Other home decor addicts will understand going into a store and wanting absolutely everything. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL. However, this time I actually splurged on the lot. And you know why? Because they had the most epic clearance section and I only spent £23. That’s right, twenty-three English pounds. I LOVE a good bargain.

It suprised me actually because I’d seen they sell mirrors before, some gorgeous candles and occasionally the odd storage cabinet, but actually they’ve gone some pretty nice house items!

So here is what I bought…and as a heads up, it’s pretty much entirely vases.

Pink vase filled with artificial moss  (£3 + £2.59)

I’ve been looking for pink accent pieces to go in my lounge for a while now and this vase is the most gorgeous shade of pink. It reminds me so much of Sketch, that restaurant in London you’ve most likely seen on Pinterest (and if you haven’t, here it is in all it’s beauty). I’ve popped this on our TV cabinet topped with some faux moss which drapes beautifully in the same way that Sideshow Bob’s hair does. I know, odd comparison. It rocks my world.
Homeware haul 03
Homeware haul 04

Origami-style ombre vases (£2 & £1)

We’ve got a couple of rooms with pink accents now, so these could go anywhere and we can interchange them when things start to feel a little stale. They remind me so much of origami inspired lampshades that I’ve been eyeing up. I love everything about these two and can’t wait to get some beautiful white peonies or hydrangeas bunched in there.  We’ve got some growing in the garden but for now, I quite like them empty on the shelves of our office/guest bedroom. I originally just picked up the large vase, but when I saw that the small version was only a pound, in the basket it went. Couldn’t resist.
Homeware haul 10
Homeware haul 11

Yellow paint tin vase (£2.50)

I know this won’t be to everyone’s taste. It’s going in our hallway which is already yellow, and yes this means the room is very monochromatic. But Joe and I just loved it. It’s so ‘us’. It’s a vase with a good sense of humour and besides, we always have tins of paint lying around anyway so it fits in perfectly! It’s quite wide and will need a lot of botanic shiz to fill this badboy, so I’m thinking instead it might be better put to use as our new keybowl.
Homeware haul 09

Homeware haul 08

Twine effect blue vase (£1.50)

This I picked up because it was just so unusual and I adore this cornflower blue colour. The opening for the vase is so narrow and to be honest, I just don’t know what to do with it! I really adore the twine-like effect of the ceramic and I’d love your ideas as to how to style it!
Homeware haul 05

White vase with feet & tail! Filled with pom poms (£3 & £1.50)

Another acquired taste for sure but I saw that this vase had a teeny tail and a set of feet and I actually squeeled in the store. I love its quirkiness. I paired it with some pompoms, which were also on sale, yesssss, and gave it pride of place next to my huge jar of M&Ms (don’t judge me) on our kitchen windowsill.
Homeware haul 01
Homeware haul 02

Geometric cushions (£6)

Now, these make my eyes go a little fuzzy because of the velvet texture of the cushion cover, but the colouring just pairs so wonderfully with our guest bedroom. We’ve not quite got around to fancy sheets or covers for our pull out bed yet but these throw pillows added onto the assembled sofa bed just makes the room look that little bit cosier.

Homeware haul 06

Homeware haul 07

So, the grand total came to…£23.09


I’ve seen single vases I want on the high street now for double that!

This isn’t in collaboaration with Country Baskets or anything like that. I’m just a regular customer who happened to have a really good shopping day. If you want some new Christmas decorations, you should check them out, and whilt you’re there, take a gander at the home section and let me know what hidden treasures you find! Which of my spontaneous buys are your favourite? Don’t forget to leave me your styling suggestions for how I should use them around the house.

  • This is absolutely amazing, what a brilliant, bargainous expedition!! Gorgeous picks X

    • Thanks! Couldn’t quite believe how cheap it all was! x

  • Jen Stanbrook

    Wow, what a fabulous haul, and so inexpensive, love love love some of those pieces, can we buy online anywhere?

    • Thanks Jen 🙂

      They do have a website with a home & decor section >

      However, can’t see any of the pieces I bought. Possibly because they were on in the sale or on clearance?

      I went to the Manchester branch which is just near Worsley if you’re ever over that way xx

  • Old Fashioned Susie

    How do I not know about this place!! Need to find it x

    • I know, right?
      I only found out about it by recommendation. The Manchester one is West Manchester, just near Worsley 🙂 x

      • Old Fashioned Susie

        Ah thanks might have to do a day trip over there!

  • Karen

    An excellent day’s work misses! Loving it all. Could you use the Blue Twine Effect vase as a candle holder or pen holder? That, or put some twigs in and hang mini cat based christmas decorations on (brain goes off on one….) 🙂

  • Ooh I need to check this place out, it’s not too far at all from me! Fabulous bargains, well done!

    • Absolutely! Only about 5 mins away from the Trafford Centre by car 🙂 x

  • The White Approach

    WOW what absolute bargains ! I have never heard of this store. Are they online ? must go and google them. Love what you chose, especially the paint pot vase ! x

    • Thank you!
      Yes they are online 🙂 Not sure about any of these particular items being on their site because I think they were all in the sale/clearance section. Definitely one of those stores that I think are better in person than behind a screen. Thanks for stopping by! x

  • katyatapartmentapothecary

    Wow! How is that even possible at that price? Great finds x

    • I know! I was embarrassingly giddy about finding them haha 🙂

  • Stacey Sheppard

    Wow, you weren’t joking about the great prices. Some lovely pieces there though. I actually really like the paint tin vase, very quirky!

    • Thanks Stacey!
      It’s cool, isn’t it? I love how bonkers it is 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by x