A Geeky Autumnal Styling Challenge

A Geeky Autumnal Styling Challenge

nkuku autumn 08

Autumn is HERE.

I know so many of you out there will be mourning the warmer months, but for me, it’s the cold that makes me feel all fuzzy inside. We’ve definitely got a house which lends itself better to Autumn and Winter than any other seasons. It’s slightly dark, enclosed in all the right places, and generally has a ‘snug’ feeling. The neutral pallet is predominantly grey and when it comes to our paint choices, they’re bold, quirky but often a little moody. And I like it like that.

So, Autumn brings the latest seasonal styling challenge with Rose & Grey and this time I’m using their gorgeous antique brass kiko frames.

If you haven’t seen kiko frames before, they’re great for displaying oddly sized items or multiple keepsakes which might not work as well in traditional frames. They’re made of 2 panes of glass which are clasped together at the top to secure whatever is inside. I often see leaves or pressed flowers displayed in them, family photos, confetti, or jigsaw pieces. They’re such a fab way of adding a personal touch.

nkuku autumn 01

nkuku autumn 02

I plan on ultimately using mine for my little girl’s artwork when she’s a bit bigger but for the time being, they’re going to be my little bit of seasonal styling.


I’m sure I’m not alone when picking a symbolic colour for the season. The colour of pumpkins, and the tint of leaves as they drop. Is orange a cliché? You betcha. But it’s one of my favourites, especially against the deep inky blues in our lounge. So I felt there was only one place to display my 3 frames – my orange dresser.

nkuku autumn 10

My dresser is all about US. And more specifically, about our personality and creating a bit of happiness in our lounge. There’s me & Joe in Lego (we do have a Lego Luna…somewhere!) and our dinosaurs, permanent members of the dresser. But the rest are new additions.

The artwork in the kiko frames are postcards from Paperchase, themed around rain. There is this illusion that Autumn brings the cold, rain and misery. Well, I’ll admit it certainly brings the first 2, espcially here in #RainCity aka Manchester. But not misery, no way. And, don’t hate me, but I actually don’t mind the rain, and even added some cardboard rain droplets to match the doodles.

nkuku autumn 06

nkuku autumn 03

Then came the vases. The muted pink one I adore (and was £2. Yup. TWO POUNDS. Haul post coming soon!) and whilst I was tempted to add some autumnal twigs, cranberry and lavender, I felt moss was more suited. I love the almost velvety nature of it and it complements the rest of the ‘tropical’ looking plants we have around the lounge. In the white vase, which has feet and a tail (adorable, yes?) I’ve filled with pom poms. I had to do a bit of persuading for Joe to let me have these in here, but I think they look badass!

nkuku autumn 09

nkuku autumn 04

And then finally at the bottom, more postcards, spelling BRR in a deep green glitter, because we all know what’s coming in a few months and I’m typically overexcited about it.

nkuku autumn 05

So what do you think? It’s not your typical autumnal display. There aren’t many leaves in sight. I’ve shied away from pumpkins and there aren’t many natural woods or wooly throws. But this is exactly how I feel about the season in all of its geeky glory. Hope you enjoy!